This press release is given by the Special Investigators working with the case of Mission Kwasizabantu. They are specialist investigators into serious, violent & serious economic crimes contracted to do the investigation into Mission Kwasizabantu by James Stegen and others. Mr. Vaughan Schwartz the National Chief Specialist Investigator Serious Economic Crimes, may be contacted in connection with the investigation. His contact detail is at the end of the Press Release.



An intensive investigation has confirmed the rumours that Kwasizabantu Mission’s leadership is involved in money laundering with an estimated R136 million of the Mission’s funds having been illicitly converted to cash and then the cash has vanished. 

We have proof that 136 million Rand in cash has been stolen from Kwasizabantu Mission (KSB) from 2015 until December 2018 and who knows how much more since then.

To try and hide the theft from their auditors, a loan account was created in the name of Thofozi Dube (Dube) which was highly suspicious, but then the deception was taken up a notch when the name of the borrower was simply changed to “Moses Ndlela” who does not exist and there is no record of his particulars at KSB, making the entire loan account fictitious.

However, the auditors of KSB are not that easily deceived as they have refused to sign off the AFS for KSB since 2016 due to these irregularities and have had no alternative but to report the conduct of KSB.

KSB Management confirmed that having regard to the resolutions we have examined, some of the trustees appear to have been well aware of the theft as they signed resolutions, purporting to authorise the massive loans, but these resolutions on the face of it have been backdated.

One of the founding trustee at KSB, Friedel Stegen has been forced to resign from KSB as a consequence of his involvement and support for our investigation. In his written reasons for resignation he has exposed the corrupt activities at KSB and distanced himself from the criminal and immoral practices taking place there.

Another trustee of KSB and former MD of Aquelle, Arno Stegen has also resigned.

Our investigation has also established that Moses Ndlela is real, and his true identity is, in fact, Canaan Ndlovu. He has cooperated with our investigation to the extent where he has revealed that he operated under the direct instruction of Lydia Thofozi Dube who is a senior trustee at KSB, with an agenda to deceive the founder of the KSB mission, Erlo Stegen and defraud KSB. Based on the deception, Erlo Stegen gave his blessing and support for cash from KSB to be given to ‘Ndlela’ to fund fake activities, concocted by Dube. Moses Ndlela (actually Canaan Ndlovu) kept a commission and repaid the balance of the money to his handler, Thofozi.

We estimate Moses Ndlela’s recently amassed wealth is worth about R15 million and the balance of the millions went to Dube, according to Ndlela.

Our investigation has revealed that millions upon millions of Rands have been paid from Aquelle into KSB which is a registered Public Benefit Organisation. KSB then converts the deposits into cash and the cash is secretly given to a mystery man, Moses Ndlela at isolated delivery points. Thereafter the cash disappears and the only record of the cash is an unsecured loan initially in the name of Thofozi Dube, who is a current trustee at KSB, but recently the loan has changed to “Mosses Ndlela”. On the 24th of December 2018, the loan amount was R136 000 000.00 and we fear that it is still increasing.

KSB’s reply when we approached them for comment was: initially, Tobie Vermaak of KSB indicated that they had nothing to hide and we could have unrestricted access to the mission as well as interview the trustees, but that soon changed and KSB lawyered up and clamped up. Instead of co-operating, their attorney challenged our investigation, a complete turnaround by KSB.

We conclude that certain trustees at KSB have been involved in money laundering and theft of the Lord’s money with impunity through a Public Benefit Organization since 2015 and our investigation has just scratched the surface of further allegations involving other immoral behaviours at KSB.

If you have any information to assist with our investigation, kindly contact us immediately.
All information will be treated in the strictest of confidence.

Head of Investigation:
Mr. Vaughan Schwartz
S.S.S. Specialist Investigator
Serious Economic Crimes
National Chief Specialist Investigator
Serious Economic Crimes  
B.Proc (UNISA) & Nat. Dip. Police Admin. (RSA Tek)
Qualified Attorney & Conveyancer 
Mobile: +27 79 347 5691
You may forward this document to anyone interested/involved.

We are busy!

As many of you have noticed I have taken the Essays and My Book down. Please bear with me. When one writes and tries to bring the truth to the fore, many challenges are to be faced. I am negotiating a road not traveled before – at least not by me. It pays to be careful and wise.

Their are some legal issues to be sorted out together with another challenge or two. I will keep you informed as new developments arise. Keep praying that truth will eventually prevail.

God bless!

If rot starts at the top, so too must hope begin with leadership!

This is the heading for Essay 10. I have grappled with the dynamics of denialism within the leadership group at Mission Kwasizabantu. Why do they deny the very truths revealed about them and just keep quiet about everything. Denialism opposes the very Gospel we preach and live by. Why? The answers to this question are very enlightening and brings one to understand the truth of an empty faith. Revival, not the revival when God comes down, but revival in the sense that survival of the leadership has to be cast in revival terms is at hand. It is a non-spiritual psychological process being driven not by Holy Spirit infused faith but by humanistic survival instinct. Will Mission Kwasizabantu survive this battle? Time will tell.

A Statement!

I, Jacobus Willem Greeff acting on behalf of

Mr Friedel Heinrich Stegen ID 2705305025084 in his capacity as a Trustee and Director of


And Ekhamanzi Springs (Pty) ltd

hereinafter referred to as “The Trust” and I or “the Company” and/  or “the Mission” respectively, as the case may be, as his duly appointed representative in terms of a Special Power of Attorney hereby declare the following for all and everybody to hear in the name of and on the authority of Mr Friedel Heinrich Stegen:

I have been a supporter of my brother, Erlo Stegen, from the time he started out as a missionary.

I housed him (at Maphumulo) from before the revival and I supported the work from the beginning till today.

I was the founding member of the Trust together with my brother, Erlo Stegen I declare the following:

  1. I warned my brother, Erlo Stegen, about shady money dealings, as to me they seemed suspect. As a Trustee, I felt it my duty to give permission that the money dealings be investigated as I and Arno Stegen were directly and indirectly accused of misconduct by Lidia Dube on Ascension Day. This was done in a public meeting which was broadcast on Livestream worldwide and on a local radio station. I grant permission to continue to investigate and have access to investigate the financial information.
  • I have been portrayed as being against my brother and plotting  his downfall and therefore no longer feel welcome at the mission. It has become quite clear to me that my presence is no longer valued or appreciated at KSB and therefore tender my resignation from the above-mentioned Trust, Company and Mission.

Friedel H Stegen”

I Jacobus Willem Greeff declare that I have initiated a proper and legal investigation in the above-mentioned misdeeds. The preliminary results of these are as follows:

1: The rumours that some of the leadership of Mission KwaSizabantu is wholly corrupt and immoral is true;

2: Due to the infirmity of Mr Erlo Stegen, certain individuals have been misusing him and manipulating his condition to cover up their own illegal and sinful acts and are benefiting financially from this.

3: I have proof that 136 million Rand in cash has been stolen from KSB since 2015.

4: The corrupted leadership at the mission have tried to cover up the theft by deceiving the auditors.

5: No Audited Financial Statements have been signed off since 2004. This is a breach of all the laws relating to the financial affairs of companies and or trusts and or NPO’s.

6: To try and hide the theft from the auditors, a false loan account was created in the name of Lidia Dude. This loan account runs into many millions of Rands although the law prohibits such loans to trustees of a trust.

7: Fraudulent loan accounts were also opened in the name of unknown entities of persons. These loans run into many millions of Rands.

8: Ms Lidia Dube and Ms Eunice Ngcamu were well aware of the theft as they signed false resolutions unlawfully and fraudulently consenting to the theft. In this matter they manipulated Mr Erlo Stegen in adding his signature to it.

9: These corrupted leaders of the leadership are linked to and involved with witch doctors, drug dealers and hired assassins.

10: Members and visitors at the mission are unlawfully accused of being Satanists and sexual abuse has taken place.

I Jacobus Willem Greeff declare that these criminal and immoral acts are being committed in the name of our loving God and in the Lord’s sacred house. As such I have no option but to take the necessary steps to report this to the relevant authorities and take the necessary criminal and civil actions to have these practices rectified

Signed this day of 21June 2019 at Jacobsbaai

Oh, the money! So much money!

Slowly but surely we are breaking through the wall of amasu or white lies. In the Zulu culture it is understood that amasu is just fine because as long as you lie to protect the Lord’s work, you are lying to protect a good cause and therefore this is not sin. God will not punish amasu. This “strategy” or “principle” has actually been taught at KSB by Thofosi and promoted as acceptable by Erlo Stegen. Did Rahab and Davids wife not do the same? I believe this strategy of amasu at KSB to be true because numerous sources have confirmed it to me. One Zulu girl actually simply said, ” We are taught that that amasu is OK”. The opposite of amasu is amanga, which is an outright lie. This then is sin. At the Mission aqashe amasu, employing the technique of lying to protect the Lord’s work, causes much difficulty to help people break through their blindness to see their own sin in protecting those doing evil and simply hiding evil deeds through lying for the good cause of the Lord’s work in this world. Aqashe amasu is common practice at the Mission. However, slowly but surely the veil is lifted and factual evidence is revealing the lies for the sin it really is. Amasu is biblically a sinful act.

Over the period January 2012 – December 2018 the trustees took frequent decisions to loan money to Thofosi Dube and Moses Ndlela. I have come to understand that Moses Ndlela (also Moses Ndlovo or Moses Kanaan) is a personal aide-de-camp to Thofozi Dube and he carries a variety of ID documents to protect himself. Over this term he received money, always covertly and in cash, to the amount of more than R100 000 000,00. But it is rumored he only keeps a cut, some 20% as someone else gets the 80%! Could it be his loan buddy in all of this, one called Thofozi Dube?

But who is this man Moses Ndlela? This name is his more commonly used name. It is as well reasonable to assume, based on previous years’ loans that a further amount of between 30 – 40 million Rand has been handed to Moses Ndlela from January 2019 to date over and above the amount given to him up to December 2018. I have put together a profile from information I have gathered from various sources at Mission Kwasizabantu.


It is my understanding that Ndlela came to Mission Kwasizabantu when Thofozi was in hospital in Pretoria during December 2015. At first he really meant well and he came alone at that time. He had a problem with nightmares at night due to the number of people that he had apparently murdered. When he started pouring out his heart to one of the counselors who was called by Reception, they realized that what he was saying was very unpleasant yet important. They then phoned Eunice Ngcamu and she said they should bring him to her for counseling. He confessed his sins to her. At that time he was running away as many people were after him to kill him because of what he has done. He had killed some of their relatives, was a hit man in the Taxi wars and even confessed to have been a hit man for then president Zuma and the police were looking for him. It is rumored that he was also involved in the shooting of Mr Chonco the late Kranskop police superintendent. Whether this is true or not is not the issue here. I am concerned to profile the character of the man who won the trust of Erlo Stegen, Thofozi Dube and Eunice Ngcamu as well as received more than a hundred million Rand in cash of the Mission’s money, more correctly stated, God’s money!

At the time when he came to Mission Kwasizabantu he had lost his house due to bankruptcy. His house and his car were repossessed. He and his wife were blacklisted in clothing stores and that is why he came for help to the Mission. He was without work, owned no house or car. He had severe emotional, spiritual, psychological and social problems. After making his life right (confessing his sins and speaking to a spiritual counselor), there was a prayer meeting where Eunice, his counselor, told those in attendance to remember Moses Ndlela in their prayers. Eunice shared that he has murdered many people.  Even when he closed his eyes she said, he just sees those people he murdered and he constantly had nightmares at night; so the attendees must pray for him. That was around December 2015. Some days after the prayer meeting Thofozi returned to the Mission from the hospital and she then heard about Ndlela and spoke to him. She became very interested in Ndlela. He was even called to testify at the coworkers meeting in the old reception hall. Since the meeting with Thofozi things have changed in the lives of the Ndlela or Ndlovu or Kanaan family as Ndlela bought himself a new house in Johannesburg as well as an expensive car. The family moved away from the Mission. At some stage his wife worked at the Aquelle office where she was known as Mrs. Ndlela or at times she was called Mrs. Ndlovu. His two children attended DSS School. His family is no longer at the Mission. He is still a regular visitor at KSB. Both Erlo Stegen and Thofozi Dube have regular contact with him. It is rumored that Thofozi and Ndlela deceived Erlo Stegen. I understand that the money thus loaned is tagged – Loan Ndlela (L T Dube) in the Trust’s financial Statements. With such a profile this man will not be able to get a R1000 loan at any commercial institution!

So this man then has received a loan of more than R100 000 000,00 from Mission Kwasizabantu under the signatures of the trustees Erlo Stegen, Thofozi Dube and Eunice Ngcamu. Friedel Stegen and Arno Stegen is not in the picture. They resisted. Is this perhaps why he has to be kicked of the Trust.? As decided by the three trustees the loan is interest free. There is no time frame specified for repayment of the loan. Ndlela has signed no Loan Agreement(s) with Mission Kwasizabantu. He has not provided the Mission with his Identification Document(s), as it is not on file. He has not provided the Mission with a Proof of Address and neither is he RICA registered. He has not provided the Mission with any SARS particulars, nor has he provided any collateral for the mega-loan. There is no feasibility study, no credit check, no police check. Nothing! Absolutely nothing! Yet more than R100 000 000,00 was handed over to him in cash! It was handed to him in bags, boxes, black refuse bags and cooler boxes. It was driven and given to Ndlela with Erlo Stegen’s Tuareg or Fortuner cars by his sons-in-law or some coworkers or flown to him in the Mission’s planes, the Pilatus PC12 or twin engine Cessna 340 or the smaller Cessna 182, all over Natal, Free State and Gauteng.

People say that Ndlela suddenly changed. He rented the most expensive vehicles from Avis, a Jeep, BMW or Mercedez Benz when collecting the money at the drop-off points. He dressed in expensive clothes. No cost was spared to get the money to him. At times Erlo Stegen bemoaned the fact that he just had to find more money. Thofozi Dube passionately confronted bank managers when they refused withdrawals of huge amounts from her personal bank account and she could not have the big amounts of money available immediately. Erlo Stegen would contact friends and coworkers asking for money, as he needed to meet demands for huge amounts of money. All of this effort was done only to satisfy the ever money-thirsty Ndlela. That is it! That is the story. Forget about the Dutch Queen and the Zambezi River problem and all the corpses along the N3. The money may be much nearer to home than previously thought. Those were all amasu! Lies to protect a good cause.

But something is tremendously wrong in all of this. God the Holy Spirit is as much a God of discernment as He is God of common sense. The trademark of the evil one is stamped all over all of this. Evil has been done and is continued to be done in the Name of God. Evil has entered the house of Erlo Stegen, the rooms of the “mamas”, Thofozi and Eunice, and the hearts of some coworkers. Where evil reigns, the fruits of the flesh are on display sooner or later. Do you remember the fruits of the flesh? Galatians 5: 19ff says, “The acts of the flesh are obvious: sexual immorality, impurity and debauchery; idolatry and witchcraft; hatred, discord, jealousy, fits of rage, selfish ambition, dissensions, factions and envy; drunkenness, orgies, and the like. I warn you, as I did before, that those who live like this will not inherit the kingdom of God.”

Erlo Stegen and Thofozi Dube have been actively involved in the day-to-day running of this “fake loan scheme” perhaps better called a “planned thieving scheme”. Not just in authorizing the resolutions but also in the actual collection and distribution of the cash amounts. To do so, Erlo Stegen, Thofozi Dube and Eunice Ngcamu had to acquire the help of others; Erlo Stegen’s children are all involved, as well as some well-known SPAR Supermarket owners, as are some senior coworkers and the pilots of the airplanes. Thofozi Dube acquired the help of especially two young coworkers and even used people coming for help to the Mission. The names of all those who have been involved, have now been handed to the authorities for their further attention.

I am no prophet. But I want to warn all those who are involved; the day of reckoning is coming fast. You will find no place to hide. The sleeping dogs have been awakened and the bloodhounds are on your trail. Put your things in order and make your arrangements. They are coming for each one of you.

A Trust broken!

Dennis Prager, the Jew, said this, “The greatest sin in religion is doing evil in God’s Name. It is the only sin in the 10 Commandments that God says He will not forgive. He is going to forgive murder, theft, adultery, lying in court. The Hebrew means, and ask any Hebrew scholar, do not carry God’s name in vain. It means someone who murders in the Name of God, steals in the Name of God, molest children in the name of God. These are the scum of the earth, the worst people on earth.” So, no one does the name of God so bad or the cause of God in this world so bad or the growth of atheism so good, as the one who does evil in the Name of God.

This explains best, the sin committed by the trustees of Mission Kwasizabantu. They, the leaders, have done predetermined, deliberate and intentional evil in the Name of God. Let me explain this evil in some detail.

Everything that is Mission Kwasizabantu is run and managed in terms of a legal Trust and certain people are the trustees and have to manage the Mission’s matters in terms of the legal entity’s constitution. The Mission’s Trust has five trustees. The five current trustees are trustees since 8 February 2012. They are Erlo Stegen, Friedel Stegen, Thofosi Dube, Eunice Ngcamu and Arno Stegen.

Constitution: KSB Trust.

Let me explain to you the KSB Trust Constitution. First, read the constitution below.


1          NAME: MISSION KWASIZABANTU (hereinafter referred to as “the Mission”)


2.1       To carry out the work of Christian Missionaries generally in all its various spheres according to the Gospel of Jesus Christ as contained in His Holy Word, the Bible.

2.2       To render spiritual and physical assistance to whoever may be in need thereof.

2.3       To carry out the aims and objectives as specified herein as a free and voluntary service to the community at large for no remuneration.

3          MEMBERSHIP:

3.1 All persons who at the date of acceptance of this Constitution are actively engaged in the work of the Mission and whose names appear in the Register of Members, which will be especially compiled for the purpose of determining such members, shall be deemed to be members of the Mission.

3.2 Any person who in future becomes an active worker in the Mission and who shall have been accepted into the Mission and shall have had his name entered into the above-mentioned Register of Members by the Governing Body of the Mission shall become recognised as a member of the Mission.

3.3 The membership of any member of the Mission may be terminated by the Governing Body of the Mission at any time should the Governing Body be of the opinion that such member is no longer actively pursuing the true aims and objects of the Mission.

3.4 The membership of any member shall otherwise terminate upon his death or formal resignation.

4          GOVERNING BODY:

4.1 The Governing Body shall consist of at least three Trustees who shall manage the affairs of the Mission.

4.2 The incumbent Trustees shall each hold office for an indefinite period until his death or prior resignation or until he has been dismissed from office by resolution at a general meeting of Members of the Mission. Notice of intention to move for the dismissal of a Trustee be given at a normal Sunday service for two consecutive Sundays prior to the meeting.

4.3 Each Trustee shall be entitled to nominate his successor-in-title and such successor shall succeed such Trustee in office on the date of the termination of his duties.

4.4 In the event of a Trustee failing to have nominated a successor and in the event of a Trustee having been removed from office by resolution of a meeting of Members, the remaining Trustees shall be entitled to nominate such successor.

4.5 In the event of there being no such Trustees left in office new Trustees shall be appointed by resolution of a general meeting of members.

4.6 The Trustees shall appoint one of their number to act as Chairman who shall preside at their meetings or in his absence an acting Chairman shall be appointed,

4.7 Two Trustees shall form a quorum at all meetings of the Governing Body.

5          LEGAL STATUS

5.1. The Mission is a legal person and can as such act independently, acquire rights and assume duties and obligations, hold property and generally act with such freedom as allowed in Law.

5.2. In the event of the Mission acquiring rights which are registrable in the Deeds Office such rights shall vest in: The Trustees for the time being of Mission Kwasizabantu

5.3. In the event the Mission wishing to sue or being sued in any competent court or tribunal, such suit shall likewise be conducted in the name mentioned in the preceding sub-clause.

5.4. Any document requiring to be executed by the Trustees in the exercise of their powers under this constitution shall be deemed to be sufficiently executed if signed by one Trustee after due resolution by the Governing Body.


6.1. General

The Governing Body may exercise any of the powers (consistent with its objects and principles) of which the officers of a true corporate body whose purpose is not the acquisition of gain are capable, such as:

6.1.1. Mortgage or pledge any or all of the property of the Mission;

6.1.2. Borrow money on overdraft or private loan from any bank or other money lending institution;

6.1.3. Enter into any agreements of lease or sale of immovable and movable property, Credit Agreements or any other similar agreements;

6.1.4. Lend, advance, invest, deposit or otherwise deal with all monies not immediately required by the Mission;

6.1.5. Safeguard the interest of the Mission by instituting or defending in its name any action at law;

6.1.6. Accept such funds as may be donated to the Mission and utilize the same for the purposes of carrying out the aims and objects of the Mission;

6.1.7. Remunerate house and maintain the members according to normal acceptable standards;

6.1.8. Acquire such property movable or immovable as the Mission may require;

6.1.9. Do al] such acts as may be incidental to or conducive to the attainment of the aims and objects of the Mission;

7          General Meeting

7.1.  The Governing Body shall call a general meeting of the members of the Mission to discuss the business of the Mission at any time it may consider convenient and also in the event of being requested to do so in writing by at least fifty members of the Mission. Notice of such meeting shall be given as provided for in Clause 4.2. above.

8          ACCOUNTS:

8.1 The Governing Body shall open such banking accounts as it may require in the name of the Mission into which al] monies received by the Mission shall be deposited and from which all payments shall be made.

8.2 Proper books of account shall be kept by or under the direction of the Governing Body and a Balance Sheet shall be drawn up at the end of each financial year, which Balance Sheet shall be audited by auditors appointed annually by the Governing Body.


The Mission may amend its Constitution by a two thirds majority vote taken at a general meeting of members after due notice of the intention to amend the Constitution has been given as provided for in Clause 4.2. above.

10       WINDING UP

In the event of the Mission winding up its business and ceasing to operate the Governing Body shall liquidate the assets of the Mission and shall pay all debts and liabilities which may be due by the Mission. Any balance of funds which may be available after such payment shall not be paid over to the members of the Mission but shall be given or transferred to some similar institution or Church with similar aims and objects as the Governing Body may deem fit.

A decision was taken at a meeting of Trustees on 8 February 2012 to replace the deceased Trustees SJ Nsibande and T H Dube with the following Trustees:

Buyephi Eunice Ngcamu & Lidia Dube

The newly nominated Trustees hereby accept their appointment as Trustees.

Buyephi Eunice Ngcamu & Lidia Dube

On Friday 14 June 2019 the Mission issued a statement on the General Network Service of Mission Kwasizabantu:

“Please note that on 15 June 2019, 10am at Kwasizabantu Mission there will be a trustee meeting for Kwasizabantu Mission to discuss the dismissal of FH Stegen as a trustee and director of the trading entities of KSB. Thank you.”

On Sunday 16 June 2019 at the start of the Sunday Morning service in the Kwasizabantu Mission auditorium, the Mission issued the following statement read in English by dr Albu van Eeden and translated into Zulu by Sibongiseni Khumalo:

Rev. Erlo Stegen has asked us to announce that on Saturday the 23rd of June (sic), 2019 of this year at 15 hours, 3 o clock pm there will be members meeting of co-workers of Kwasizabantu Mission to discuss the intention to dismiss FH Stegen as trustee of Kwasizabantu Mission.”

On Sunday 16 June 2019 attorney Stanley Seiti offered the following on a posting on WhatsApp:

So, after receiving Koos’ posting about the intended removal of Mr FH Stegen from the board of trustees, I sent a message to one of the board members saying ‘their constitution prohibited the removal of the trustee as they were proposing

So, last night I got a call from one ‘Thofozi’ Dube demanding to know where had I got the KSB constitution from? I asked why would she ask and she replied that the constitution was a very private document and she only knew of one or two people at KSB who could have it. 

I replied that Public benefit Organisation’s Constitution were exactly that – public. and open especially to members and not kept in secret. I said every member aught to have a copy of it and she said “well it’s not secret it locked somewhere and anybody wanting to see it may request to see it.” 

I asked how were the members to know about their rights e.g. in an AGM if they did not have a guiding document? 

She insisted that I tell her who gave me the document and I said that was not important… what was important was I had saved them from committing a huge mistake; for which she should be thanking me.

She mocked the fact that I even referred her to the specific guiding paragraph in the constitution. I said yes I did and in addition Mr FH Stegen is entitled in terms of the law to a right of reply and so is Esther. 

I reminded her that the trust document says a trustee is one for life. 

She complained that I have created chaos as some people are now demanding the distribution of the constitution and a general vote to remove Mr FH Stegen. I said indeed it was their right to make such demands as members.

*rather, a general vote to remove or not remove Mr Stegen

My Comments

Perhaps it is good to just highlight certain aspects from the above.

3:1: The list of membership should be free, open and available for all to know and see. Contra to Thofozi who wants to keep the Constitution away from members and secret it should be available to every member. Whoever is a member should obviously know what membership of the Trust entails. Contrary to the constitution there is no updated membership list available. No AGM meeting is possible because people simply do not know whether they are members or not.

The trustees failed miserably in upholding the terms of the Trust’s Constitution.

3.2: The governing body must maintain an updated version of this membership list. This membership list is not limited to coworkers. It is a membership list representing “all persons actively engaged in the work of the Mission”. This Register of Members will be especially complied by the Governing Body (GB). To date this membership list is non-existent. There can thus be no meeting as there is no compiled list in existence. Should a meeting be held with only the coworkers as Albu van Eeden announced on Sunday 15 June, it would constitute an unlawful meeting because a large group of members will be deliberately excluded.

The trustees failed miserably in upholding the terms of the Trust’s Constitution.

3.3: Only the GB has the right to terminate membership. The GB does not even know who are members as there is no approved list in terms of the Trust’s Constitution. The GB has never approved members or disapproved members.

The trustees failed miserably in upholding the terms of the Trust’s Constitution.

4.1: The GB must have at least three trustees. Two members form a quorum. Their resolutions must be duly recorded and reported to the rest of the trustees. This was not done. It is clear from documents in my possession that Friedel Stegen and Arno Stegen had been excluded from the resolutions and actions of the rest of the trustees. This may be the single biggest reason why Friedel Stegen has to be removed by those “others” because he has queried some resolutions.

The trustees failed miserably in upholding the terms of the Trust’s Constitution.

4.2: Current trustees are trustees for life or until he/she resigns or can be removed at an AGM. Notice for such an intention, the proposed AGM must be announced at two consecutive Sunday services, prior to the AGM. This is happening now. The first AGM in 25 years I have been at the Mission. I never knew the Trust existed, was never told I am a member in terms of the Trust’s Constitution, my name was never entered to the Trust Membership Register and I never saw the audited financial statements and never attended an AGM.

The trustees failed miserably in upholding the terms of the Trust’s Constitution.

4.3: Current trustees nominates his/her successor-in-title if they terminate their duties as trustee. However in the case an AGM removes a trustee the remaining trustees may nominate a successor. Friedel Stegen may still resign by his own free will and nominate his successor. No reasons are given for his removal as trustee. That it has come to this point shows the lack of trust among the trustees. Friedel Stegen has been a trustee since inception of the Trust.

The trustees failed miserably in upholding the terms of the Trust’s Constitution.

6.1: The trustees are only free to act in legal or financial actions if it is not for personal gain. This is according to PBO governing regulations. If the rumors are true three trustees have embezzled more than a R100 million. If the rumors are true Thofozi and one Ndlela are the sole beneficiaries of that money. This was done for her own gain. The trustees have trespassed the Company’s Act, and committed serious economic and financial crimes. They have violated the Trusts Constitution. On top of it they are trying to silence the only rational voice currently amongst the five trustees.

The trustees failed miserably in upholding the terms of the Trust’s Constitution.

6.1.7: The members shall receive house and maintenance remuneration on fair and normally accepted standards. (This means standards as accepted by normal society and normal PBO guiding principles. This should be agreed upon by all members, open to all members and known by all members. No privileges unless agreed by all members) This has never been done.

The trustees failed miserably in upholding the terms of the Trust’s Constitution.

8.2: The governing body must do proper bookkeeping and the books must be audited every year. It is a free and voluntary organization under the general rule of PBO’s and the audited books must be available to all members at all times. The last audited financial statements of the Trust had been signed off in 2003. After 2003 all financial statements are provisional only. Millions of Rand’s worth of transactions have continued unaudited year after year since 2003 as the financial transactions of consecutive years assume and build upon the unaudited financials of the previous year. The Auditing firm responsible will have some explanation to do to IRCA.

 The trustees failed miserably in upholding the terms of the Trust’s Constitution.

Now some of the trustees of the KSB Trust want to hold an AGM to dispose of one trustee who is speaking about their covert nonsense!

It would be better that all trustees step down for their failure to protect the Trust and allow the AGM to elect 5 new trustworthy trustees to look after God’s people and God’s money in a biblical way.

All trustees should resign! Let the AGM ellect 5 God fearing and trustworhy men!

Ascension Day Service Mission Kwasizabantu

The above service took place at KSB Auditorium on 30th May and was “preached” by Thofozi Dube and Jabulane Dube.[1] Arno by permission of Thofozi could also speak (2:07:21). It was broadcasted over Radio Kwezi and video-live streamed over the Internet where it remains to be viewed. I listened to the whole service a couple of times and some observations come to mind. I will highlight some obvious reflections but it would be evidently better when you listen to the whole service and decide for yourself.

Thofozi made the point by saying she has rev. Erlo Stegen’s permission to stand in his pulpit (1:05:00), also that the “relatives” urged her to speak (3 times), which I assume to be the children of rev. Stegen and others with them. I suppose that if she says it, then we should accept it. Just like Arno said he had Thofozis’s permission to say what is on his heart. But we will get back to Arno. She went into great lengths to explain rev. Erlo Stegen is in perfect health, not having any signs of dementia, very capable to request and hold meetings and totally capable of making decisions. But the question lingers, why was he not there in the Auditorium to hear her speaking and corroborate her assumptions and establish her integrity in all of what she said if he is that well? She had the floor and spoke her heart and yet there was no higher authority to oversee what she said. If rev. Erlo Stegen is so well then why was he not there if such important things concerning the Mission, Europe breaking away, the dismantling of his brother uncle Friedel, the humbling of Arno and revelation of detail from meetings with him; all of these issues were to be discussed and broadcasted into the whole world. Why?

Why use Ascension Day for such a meeting when people come together to remember the saving grace of God in Christ Jesus? Well she gave the reason herself. She said, Ascension Day 2019 (55:39), whenever remembered will be historically linked to Thofozi and Jabulane and the Dube family. It is history in the making and she is the diva[2] making the historical announcement. This gives to me the impression that it was a well-determined and pre-planned context developmental action for future reference.

Notwithstanding the above there are some serious issues in-between the bla-bla-bla of the speakers. It is to be noted that neither of the Dubes could find anything to apologize for; this stands in stark contrast to Arno who could only find nothing else but to apologize. Thofozi also, in speaking on the 2000 debacle, justified herself as innocent to the whole matter. She did apologize in 2002 but only to those who had seen her in the light of being a liar and deceiver. She never then, and even now acknowledged any wrongdoing. They, Thofozi and Jabulane, presented themselves as victims in all what is going around. They have also renounced uncle Friedel as their “father” (30:49; 1:42:00) and criticized and smeared him with insinuations and examples from meetings without giving uncle Friedel any credit for why he would have done things differently. The issue with CFT (28:30) is a case in point. They simply disgraced their “father” in public. They could both take a lesson from Arno who disgraced neither his father nor rev. Erlo Stegen when he spoke.

Why did she speak in public for the world to hear about the meeting with rev. Erlo Stegen concerning Arno? What is the reason behind it? Thofozi was at pains to make it clear she wanted Franzi, Arno’s wife in the meeting. She deliberately brought what Franzi said to everyone listening.  Remember, her speaking is send over Radio Kwezi and the Internet to untold multitudes. She did not elaborate on the rest of what was said or transpired in the meeting but highlighted a single point. This is the point: she herself is innocent to the accusation that she chased Arno away; even his wife Franzi confirmed it. As Tofozi quoted what Franzi said Arno was shown to be the liar and Thofozi has vindicated herself. Through this, Thofozi has just added to the rumors that Franzi and Arno don’t see eye to eye concerning KSB. These rumors may well be then the by-product of Room 5 taken in the context of this Ascension Day service. Thofozi has a devious way to go around with facts.

It is common knowledge that the Mission has misappropriated millions of Rands. It is further common knowledge that these funds have been given in cash (packed in bags, boxes and cooler bags) to one Moses Ndlela (or Ndlovu) through covert deliveries made by the sons-of-law of rev. Erlo Stegen and some others, by car or Mission airplanes over a long period of time. It is also a common fact that Thofosi had been fingered as one of those who were intimately involved in the whole “moneybags” saga. Thofozi went to great lengths today to explain she is not the “master brain”, behind the whole money issue, as rumors would suggest. Arno seems to know everything for he and he alone sign the cheques (39:34) she said. Arno signs even on behalf of uncle Friedel (43:15). Arno is the contact with the auditors (42:10). No money goes out of the Mission if rev. Erlo Stegen does not authorize or if the trustees of the Mission do not authorize it. Arno is again a witness to that. No money leaves the Mission if the trustees do not know about it. The trustees know about all the money spent because all together decide at the same meeting where it is to be spend (43:00). By implication from what Thofozi said, rev. Erlo Stegen, uncle Friedel Stegen, Thofozi Dube, aunt Eunice and Arno Stegen all know what happened to the millions of misappropriated money because together, as Thofozi said, they as trustees decided where that money has gone. If then the house comes down, she is taking everyone else down with herself. Therefore, any of them can openly tell what they have done with the money. So why didn’t Thofozi tell everyone what was done with the money and supported what she said with the minutes of the meeting when it was decided? At least Thofosi is sure; it has not been deposited into an offshore hedge account. If she knows that, surely she must know where the money has been deposited. She is not innocent in this by her own testimony.

It is interesting that she attacked Esther (Lizette) Marloth the way she did. That she referred to Esther by her former name with so much disdain speaks volumes. Now suddenly Thofozi only knows her by her former name? As far as I know the list did not originate with Esther. That Esther may have passed it on to others in good faith as well may be true. The information I had from the “horse’s mouth”, suggests another scenario. Thofozi dictated the list to Samatha in the presence of aunt Eunice, Jabo Majola and 4-5 other women and Samatha wrote it down as it was dictated. She was told to tell the people listed that they have been identified as potential Satanists, which she did not do. Now, Thofozi did not mention this but she seemed very agitated that the list was leaked. Then there is the case of the girls who have been named Satanists by the ex-Satanist and these girls were admitted to the hospital at KSB. There they were subjected to rigorous counseling and confessing sessions over a period of 6 weeks. But, then, Thofozi did not speak about this either. It is said half a truth is as good as a lie. She is playing selectively with the truth to suit her own agenda.

What she said about the European brethren is very enlightening (1:13:00). She said, “They are so cowardly that they don’t want to speak”. At least, she and I agree on something and that is that the leaders in Europe have to speak out about their actions. So she elaborated that they are deceived. But who deceived them? I think it is clear from the context of the meeting that uncle Friedel and Arno Stegen are the culprits. By leaving KSB (and staying in the Lord as they do believe – my opinion) she said, “They are bringing curses on them, their children and the generations to follow!” and she went on to admonish those present and hearing her, “If some of them are your relatives you will save yourself by distancing yourself from them”. The brethren from Europe left “according to their own signature. The branches have been removed from rev.Erlo Stegen by the authority of their signatures”. Now this is the true Thofozi speaking. The one in control and the one speaking with vested authority. In other words, she is no part of this process. It was a unilateral decision by Europe according to Thofozi. Well the ball is in their side of the court. They will have to be less “cowardly” and respond.

Between Thofozi and Jabulane we were treated to many comments on whites, the Dube family, Zulu history and Zulu culture. Repeatedly “the whites” or “you whites” were addressed in an attacking manner. Thofozi mentioned king Shaka as an example of someone who never killed whites. Historically true but what was the reason for this? She made a statement that said that Zulu’s historically negotiated their differences. This seems to be historically incorrect. When Shaka’s mother Nandi died he forced the entire kingdom to mourn her. He issued an order that no new crops were to be planted for a year. He also demanded that no milk be used for a year and all cows that gave birth were killed. He also during this time had all pregnant women killed with their husbands. He had around 7.000 people executed for not mourning enough for his mother. He killed more of his own people than any other Zulu king. After a botched assassination attempt on him he allowed white settlers to settle in Port Natal, the current Durban because he wanted the best treatment for himself. His people had had enough of Shaka’s cruelty and were ready to revolt. On September 22, 1828, his half-brothers murdered Shaka and buried him in an unmarked grave. Shaka’s capital kraal was called KwaBulawayo, which means, “place where they are killed”. People deemed unfit to live were brought to KwaBulawayo to be killed off. These included short men, deemed useless as they would not be able to see approaching enemy impi (warriors) from afar; troops who had wounds in their backs after a battle, as this meant they’d been running away; and anyone who went against his will; so much then for the notion that the Zulus historically negotiated their differences!

The Mission is called KwaSizabantu Mission and not KwaDube Mission. It is a sad day when a particular family is elevated, exulted and lifted up above the other children of God at the Mission and all other people are made subservient to the Dube family. They have become the executioners of the Zulu culture at the Mission at the cost of the many other cultures that God brings together at the place. This is not conducive to Christian unity and totally unbiblical where we are called to live the “Christian culture” free from the restraints of worldly cultural settings. At KSB the Dubes, whenever they speak, perpetually reminds us of their royal lineage. Remember Philip Joosten’s funeral where Thofozi treated all to an exposition of her ancestral royal lineage and reiterated the Dube prominence as being counselors to the Zulu king. Thofozi came out of Room 5 to defend herself, her brother and the Dube family, against accusations (48:01; 1:04:33). Jabulane thereafter defended her, himself and the Dube family (1:24:00) as well. We are not followers of the Dube family nor Zulu culture but indeed followers of Christ, having His mind (Phil. 2:5) and living like He lived (1John 2:6). We are called to be His disciples (Matt 28:19-20) and that His Kingdom come in our lives (Matt 6:10). In the words of the apostle Paul, “who is Paul, who is Apollos and who is Dube?” It is about Christ and Christ crucified only. Get it?

Jabulane said that the apostle Paul wrote letters “but never did they allege they were not from Paul but when rev. Stegen write” they, even of the same skin color (German, France, Swiss), say he did not write it. But here are the facts concerning the dispute of Pauline authorship, “In other words, we have seven letters certainly from the historical Paul (Romans, 1-2 Corinthians, Galatians, Philippians, 1 Thessalonians, Philemon), three others probably not from him (Ephesians, Colossians, 2 Thessalonians) and a final three certainly not from him (1-2 Timothy, Titus). So it is nothing special or out of the ordinary when one asks whether rev. Erlo Stegen indeed wrote the letter so profound and uncharacteristic to who he really is and we experienced him in the work at the Mission. He was always one with his brother till now. So people would want to know the origin of the letter.

It is clear that the Dube sister and brother are establishing their authority. Arno had to ask Thofozi for permission to speak. When Arno spoke he looked like Esau who sold his inheritance for a bowl of Amadumbe and knew he lost the inheritance forever. Jabulane besmirched Arno in a deliberate, arrogant and unacceptable manner as the one who had become the heir to the throne rather than the one envisaged to be the heir to the throne by the church. They could find nothing to apologize for in their own lives and covered the truth with half-truths, lies and blaming others. There was no humble disposition in any of the two. Thofozi is truly the one who swings the scepter as the second in command of Mission Kwasizabantu and Jabulane revels in the role as praise singer for his sister.

Beware anyone who falls into his or her displeasure!


[2] A self-important person who is temperamental and difficult to please (typically used of a woman).

Open letter 3

The silent diplomacy or savoir-faire of some brethren is truly amazing! It is as helpful as a watchdog sleeping while the burglar empties the victim’s house. The watchmen on the walls who are supposed to blow the warning trumpets are quiet whilst Satan is carrying off the “pearls” of God at Mission Kwasizabantu in South Africa.

Rev. Erlo Stegen’s letter, dated 25th May 2019 (see below), and read in the KSB congregations on Sunday 26th May, has reference. Also brethren, your letter dated round 14th April 2019 read to the congregations in Europe and read at a coworkers’ meeting at KSB RSA thereafter has reference and also the subsequent letter rev. Erlo Stegen has written in response to your letter has further reference.

My letter is specifically addressed to the following people: uncle Friedel, Arno Stegen, Jurg Laderach, Didier Schott, Georg Grau, Othmar Vosser, Paul van Straten, Klaus Alius, Michel Hege, Daniel Schobben, Jan Willem Mout, Andre Maghakian and Michael Muller. In writing to you openly brethren, I will touch on a few matters that are common knowledge. By this I mean it is no secret or hidden information that I am giving out to the multitudes that visit my blog. Whilst you are silent on what you are doing, whilst you give no reasons for your actions, and whilst you are silent on the hidden atrocities at Mission Kwasizabantu, many people are suffering inexpressible misery at the hands of the new leadership at Mission Kwasizabantu.

You may be “saving KSB Europe” but your mother, “KSB SA”, has turned into a harlot disregarding her very own offspring! Read my latest essay “The Missionary and Satanism” published on my blog for a glimpse of what is going on at KSB at the moment. Indeed one can respect rev. Erlo Stegen for his boldness to address you openly whilst you practice your silent diplomacy. And make no mistake, reverend Erlo Stegen is adamant he is the author of the letter read in the congregations. But to being forced to choose between the two brothers and leaders at the Mission rather than between Christ and Satan is so-to-say to be in the same situation as the Shembe church leadership struggle where members were forced to choose between brothers and the worldly court had to settle the dispute!

I think certain things are now common knowledge:

  • Uncle Friedel is finally and decisively shunned. I remember when I first wrote about this in 2018 how I was made out as a liar. Jan de Bruyn was the first to tell me about the split between the Mission and uncle Friedel in August 2018, and that there were two factions at KSB. He later denied that he said so and in tears said how much he loved and respected uncle Friedel. When I asked Thofozi about it she would not answer me. In the subsequent coworkers’ meetings it was denied and made out to be a lie. Now, with the letter written by rev. Erlo Stegen, the truth that I brought to the light at that time, is vindicated.
  • The break between Europe and Mission Kwasizabantu is final. Trust is the basis of any sound relationship. The Missions’ leaders only trust their very own dedicated supporters. The few, represented by the new leadership at KSB are the only trustworthy ones. It is quite a lesson the European leaders have had to learn. They have asked for clarity concerning certain things and answers to their questions have been denied to this day.
  • A sure sign of this divide between KSB Europe and KSB South Africa is the fact that all references to KSB have been removed from most European websites and congregations. It is understood that Europe will no longer subscribe to KSB or DSS. So who are you at the moment then? What do you belief? What do you teach? Have you got a name? Tell us then!
  • No public statement had been forthcoming from the leaders in Europe or Australia. There is a growing uncertainty among the brethren in Europe as well as the European brethren working and living at KSB South Africa. This is caused by the lack of communication from the European leadership. They are simply practicing the same modus operandi, the need to know principle, as done at KSB. It will eventually proof fatal to the branches in Europe as it did at KSB SA. The church, the congregations of God, is a living “organism” and cannot survive the clinical corporate strategies of the business world where the executives run the show. Jabulane Dube, endorsing this truth, in a coworkers meeting told Arno Stegen not to treat them in a “business-like” manner.
  • The “wrongs” so prevalent at KSB are still very much hidden and not in the public congregational domain. I warn you brethren that the can of worms will be opened up by the “world” and you will be shamed at the cost of Jesus Christ for your lack of zeal to give account for the covert actions of KSB SA. KSB as a whole will not survive the humiliation by the worldly authorities when this happens.
  • The stories of king David and the prophet Nathan or king Saul and the prophet Samuel should be a timely reminder now that God will not cover the atrocities of His people where wrongs are supposedly done for the good of His name. There are a few “king David’s and king Saul’s” currently walking around at KSB hiding their own sin as well as the sin done in the name of God’s church supposedly to His honor and glory. They should not blame others when God raises prophets to reveal the sins being kept under the “blanket of silence!”
  • Uncle Friedel, Arno Stegen, and the European leaders should speak the truth and denounce the sin(s) by name. Brothers, you are standing in the pulpits of God’s churches on Sundays proclaiming the Truth and yet you too hide away the untruths, lies and evil practices done at KSB SA as well as within your own leadership circles. How ought people in the congregations have faith and trust in you and believe what you preach when you are keeping silent about the false things being done and hidden in the name of God. Through your silence you are destroying the legitimacy and soundness of faith in Jesus Christ and turn believers into agnostics and doubters. You are keeping an evil system in place to the detriment of many suffering at the hands of the current unrepentant leadership at KSB SA.
  • The leadership of Europe took a stand in April 2019 based on their experiences at the hands of the current leadership during their visit September 2018. Since then there had been no word forthcoming concerning all that has been done, said and expired at KSB SA September 2018. You, the leaders in Europe, had been so preoccupied with the aspects of your legal divorce from KSB SA that the real-time spiritual, physical and emotional suffering of people at the hands of the designate leadership at KSB SA are ignored. One truly wants to call out to you, “To hell with all your buildings, names and legal processes! The lives of people are at stake and even more; the very Gospel of Jesus Christ is at stake. Do you not see?”
  • The “bodies” of those who are excommunicated from KSB SA are strewn around for all to see. The likes of uncle Friedel and aunt Rita, uncle Martin and aunt Nora and the many coworkers struggling in the death throws of doubt and agnosticism. Don’t turn them into martyrs, for such are they not! The real martyrs are the multitude of faceless believers in the pews on Sundays whose faith are being destroyed by a selfish and self-centered leadership who have sinned and are not prepared to tear there garments and expose their bosom (soul) in sorrowful repentance and confession!
  • The pulpits are used, compare the sermons of Dietmar Joosten and Albu van Eeden preached on Sunday 26 May, to justify what is happening at KSB and to speak out against others who are calling the current leadership at KSB to accountability. In cult-like arrogance the current leaderships are shedding congregations, coworkers, brethren and members across the board proclaiming themselves only to belong to an only faithful remnant living the Word of God.
  • Why should people be forced to choose between Erlo Stegen and Friedel Stegen as is now required at KSB SA? The unknown and hidden filth is the cause of this because the current leadership is up to the height of their heads involved in keeping the filth hidden from the eyes and ears of God’s people. Healing will not come unless the filth is exposed and all together with Erlo Stegen and Friedel Stegen kneel in deep contrition before the living God who has granted this work to all many years ago.

This letter is a call to uncle Friedel, Arno, the European leaders and those in South Africa with knowledge about the covert deeds to once and for all and with urgency break their silence and expose all that is dividing us as a church of Jesus Christ. Think, brethren, about the souls being destroyed through all of this mayhem at KSB SA.

Perhaps your hearts are so hardened that you no longer consider the fact that God will require the blood of the innocent from our hands!

I beg you, for God’s sake, come clean on these matters now!

The Missionary and Satanism.

I have posted the 6th Essay with the title “The Missionary and Satanism”. This essay takes a look at the current “witch hunts” going on at Mission Kwasizabantu. Information is scarce, but some information is available and I try, as usual to confirm the content in the essays before publishing on the blog.

May the Lord be with you all.

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