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I am married to my wife Andra for 35 years. Our children, Chris and his wife Geralda, have moved to Canada in January 2013 from South Africa. They are permanent residents of Canada. We live in South Africa.

We love the Lord Jesus Christ, we love His people, we have a passion for souls and have been missionaries in various settings most of our adult lives and I have preached His Gospel since the age of 30 years wherever He send me.

We have worked with old people, young people, married people, widows and widowers, students and school children, believers and heathens for the sake of His Gospel in this world. We have been with people, experiencing with them the joy of marriage, the hurt and sorrow of divorce and death, the joy of childbirth, and helping them in their last years of old age, standing next to their sick beds and praying with them in their dying moments.

I have preached the Gospel of our Lord mostly among the Zulu, Indian, Afrikaans and English speaking people in South Africa. In the USA, I have mostly since 2000 preached in the Russian and Slavic Baptist Churches on outreaches 2 to 4 times a year. Other than that I have preached in Europe, Russia and African countries as well.

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