New Documents!

I have added a set of documents to my blog under the tab – “Reports”.

The following documents were added and you will find it under the “Reports” tab:

1. Document 1 – A rogue report on a reprobate Mission
2. Document 2 – Final report Kwasizabantu Mission by Independent Panel
3. Document 3 – Formal submission to CRL Commission and KSB Independent Panel
4. Document 4 – Special Submission to CRL Commission and HAWKS.

KSB has sponsored an investigative panel to write a report on the allegations against KSB and offset the allegations to their advantage. KSB called it “Independent Panel” and marketed the panel as a total independent panel with no previous ties or contact with the Mission. But, to appoint one’s own panel to investigate oneself and produce a report that exonerates one of all allegations and then expect everyone to accept it as authoritative and final makes the whole report such a no-brainer for KSB. And, believe me there are more and enough questions about the content of this report. In my humble opinion the KSB panel’s report do more to vindicate the witnesses than to exonerate KSB contrary to what the KSB spokespersons proclaimed to the masses. Far be it from the report declaring KSB innocent on all allegations! But, the documents are there, read it for yourself and make up your own mind.

The first document, A rogue report on a reprobate Mission!, is my response to the panel’s report, namely document 2. Documents 3 & 4 were my submissions to The Cultural, Religious and Linguistic Communities Commission (CRL) investigating KSB as well as to the KSB self-appointed “Independent Panel. The submissions to the CRL were public and therefore the documents may be shared in the public domain. The CRL is a commission appointed by government. The report of the KSB panel has been shared with the Sunday Times newspaper by the KSB panel’s convener, and I downloaded the report from the Internet. My response to the KSB sponsored panel’s report I share openly. Although KSB and their panel claim total transparency you will only find the “Summary of Findings” from the report on the KSB website. The reason is obvious; the KSB panel’s main report contains findings very detrimental to KSB. Again, read the documents for yourself and understand the context of everything.

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