Study Material

I have started to add from my lecture material at Seminary on the blog. There has been several requests over the past few weeks that I should include some study material on my blog to help people in their understanding of Biblical doctrine and to elucidate what we actually should believe based on the Bible. Or, simply to help people to know Scripture better. I have added material concerning the Old Testament, Mission, and Doctrine. I will still add some material on Bible interpretation and the New Testament in the near future. I plan to add material on a weekly basis.

It is in a more popular format where I draw from various sources to bring over content concerning the topics under discussion. I hope and trust that readers may find it of some help in their own study of the Bible and Christian walk. I have added references to sources as much as I can. Please visit these resource links. I will add a “Links” tab where I will highlight trustworthy websites to visit and trustworthy preachers, speakers and teachers one may listen to.

You will notice that my blog is most definitely Reformed Theology in essence and also Reformed Baptist to be more specific. It is thoroughly in line with the trusted confessions of faith which have withstood the most vigorous scrutiny during times of theological conflict. I have added the confessions of faith to the blog. The Reformed grounding in the Five Solas is basic, foundational and of utmost importance for my Evangelical approach to the understanding of the Scriptures. It has brought great stability in my spiritual life and to keep me from falling into false doctrine in the past.

I am developing this blog and it will take time to have it “perfect”. So bear with me and feel welcome to write and assist with advice or ideas or positive criticism. I appreciate all responses.

I pray that God will be honored in all this effort!

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