Ecclesia semper reformanda est!

I have added topic 5.

This is meant for and directed at the ex-KSB church in Europe and Australia.

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  1. May I please add some things which here in Europe very clear are. The Church in Europe is not independent under new name. They declare so but its not true.They do not belong to KSB South Africa but are just the same. They, most probably the leaders, have decided to be on Mr. Friedel’s side. This is how the church members speak: Europe has decided on Oncles Friedel side to stay.
    Do you see the paralel? On Apolos side or Pauls side? Which of them has been crucified for our sins? Apolo or Paul, Mr Friedel or Mr Erlo?
    The KSB Leader had from the pulpit clearly stated on which side he has decided to stay. A heard it from other members.

    The Church in Europe remains the same under new name. The principles remain the same. They pick up the Bibel verses in order to justify their theology although there not one in place. They use the Bibel to suit their interests. If anyone has questions I can give you examples to justify my point.
    Sola Scriptura applies were it fits! This is how the Bibel bei KSB and bei the new Church in Europe to perceive is.


  2. In South Africa some have left Ksb, but still cling to outward laws, a dead give away, just the same as in Europe. It makes them feel holy and safe. They are too afraid to go to a new church, because they do not know how to measure what they hear against the Bible like true Bereans. They need a leader to tell them what to believe. If you were deceived by Erlo Stegen or other deceived coworkers, then you will be deceived again if you stick to yourself. Where is your faith? The church to go to is a Bible believing, verse by verse, expository preaching church, where you are taught that Christ saves and gives the gracious gift of faith, applying His mercy day by day. The Holy Spirit convicts and sanctifies continuously, especially in the inward man. Doubt, jealousy, anger, gossip is replaced by love, joy, peace, kindness… Outward holiness is just a byproduct of the inward, cleansed heart. Sola 5, congregations or Bible Churches or Grace to You churches are the best recommendations you will get. They are transparent and held accountable. If you trust Peet by reading his blog, you can trust the church he would recommend.


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