KSB Answer!

I am thankful to have received an answer today from KSB with regard to the invitation for a meeting with ex-KSB members. However it is not signed so I cannot gather from the e-mail as to who actually wrote it.

But, I think that unfortunately the “Mission” misread the invitation totally. The invitation clearly says that a meeting is asked for on behalf of others and not just myself! Therefore, the fact that I am addressed as if I requested a meeting for myself with the leadership is rather odd.

It is simply not true that meetings were held with me in good faith to reach reconciliation as stated below. Whoever wrote this letter should know that very well. Some co-workers even apologized, to my wife and I for the way we were treated in the meetings. Four times I requested meetings in writing since February 2018 and four times I was not even offered the courtesy of an answer. To be called, to appear before the co-workers in meetings (3 times), and to be verbally attacked, and verbally abused from beginning to end, is far removed from trying to reach reconciliation. Neither does it comprise “meeting in good faith” as stated in the e-mail below.

I would not want to be untruthful or defamatory in what I am writing. That is why I try to obtain proof, get statements from people as well as obtain evidence to support what I am writing on my blog. The first writing on the blog dates back to December 2018. Since then I have written much. Not once since then did the Mission respond to questions asked and evidence provided to them for clarification. Not once did the Mission query anything I wrote or stated about the Mission and members. In fact, not even since December 2017 when I started to ask questions concerning the “moneybags” and the sexual issues did I get a truthful answer from the Mission, but the KSB leadership openly lied to me about these issues and that not once but many times. The “Mission” continuously denied any money being flown from KSB or any of the co-workers being involved. Today it is common cause that it happened and I have proof in abundance.

Neither would I like to write defamatory things about people. Although in the meetings that the “Mission” conducted in “good faith” as stated in the email below both my wife and I suffered defamatory abuse. The “we” of the email below should know that as well. And please, if the “Mission’s” memory fails you to remember, I have recordings of two of the three meetings to prove the point. Nevertheless, should you highlight anything defamatory in what I have written, and I don’t have support for what I have stated, I will apologize and will remove it from the blog. I ask the Mission, the “we” in the e-mail below, to bring any defamatory remarks to be found on my blog to my attention without delay.

I am thankful that, at least, the Mission reads and takes note of my blog. It is a pity though that we can’t have this meeting. It was to be an open meeting. The people would have flooded the venue to talk to the “Mission”.

Here is the e-mail I received today, Friday 11 October 2019:

Peet Botha

We received your invitation to meet.

We remind you that many meetings have been held with you in the past. We participated in the meetings in good faith to try and address the issues and tried to reach reconciliation where there were concerns.

When you decided to leave the mission we believed that we were parting company in peace.

We were disappointed when we discovered that you have since vilified us in your blog, this after we believed that you had also participated in our meetings in good faith.

We are now even more surprised by your invitation to meet because it clearly would have been more appropriate for you to have invited us to a meeting before you made your blog public. We accordingly don’t believe that the meeting that you propose is intended to seek reconciliation.

Unfortunately we must therefore insist that until you remove the untruthful and defamatory statements regarding the mission and its members, and publish an apology on your blog, we do not see any sense in meeting with you.

KwaSizabantu Mission

Private Bag 252



Tel:  +27 32 481 5500

Fax: +27 32 481 5510

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  1. Their answer is was again a typical reaction of KSB when they are confronted with the truth. They pretend to have misunderstood the matter in order to escape a meeting where their name might be put to shame. They cover up their sins and will never agree that they were wrong. They would whatsoever use lays so that their name won’t be blemished. And by doing so they mind that their lies are not counted as sin since they are using them in order to protect “Gods work”.

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  2. Ksb and specific individuals are one by one being given over to the lustful desires of their hearts. Some are losing their minds, others are losing their spouses, their children, their families, their livelihoods and peace.

    There will always be in fighting. They are so exposed but yet still so blind, adamant to deny. The posted prophecy of a few weeks ago is truly coming into fulfillment.

    May righteousness prevail soon in the courts of our land, to warn newly interested people and bring peace to the hearts of the victimized.

    Soon we will be able to shake the dust from our feet. We continue to pray that the working class on the mission who know the truth, will take the plunge and leave.


  3. Their answer is so vague and shameless that it could be totally ignored! It is clear that KSB will always avoid an honourable way to be exposed themselves in their wrong doing!


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