Matthew 18

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Under this title I would like to share concerning specific topics related to our Christian walk in this life. Yet, I will also look at more specific topics concerning Mission Kwasizabantu. In this first article I am writing on the question regarding Matthew 18:15-19 which has to do with sinning in the church and the process of handling the conflict sin brings between brothers in the church. However, Mission Kwasizabantu claims the process of Matthew 18 for the current devastating conflict within the Mission as well. However, they do not qualify in terms of Scripture to do so. In this article I look at the whole situation and why the Mission, as a church institution, does not qualify to use or does not satisfy the requirements of Matthew 18:15-19 to use in their situation to resolve the conflict at the Mission. God’s Word prescribes a different set of principles to be used.

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  1. It is Our Christians responsibility to follow the prescriptions from the Bible in everything we do and MOST IMPORTANTLY seek the Holy Spirit to lead us when using the name of the LORD in our preaching of the Gospel. Our intentions should not be to enrich ourselves at the cost of the LORDS NAME!


  2. God will be victorious in the end. He will not let you go through this process for a long time without His divine intervention. Everything you wrote until now has been spot-on. Be strong!! You are dealing with a spirit, that is why it is so elusive and deceitful. I pray that it will be prayed out completely. Jesus said about this kind of thing, that it can only come out by prayer and fasting. That is how serious this matter is. God bless you all!! Mary Bowes


  3. Peet botha I just want you to know that I my email was sent to you in response to the email you received from kwasizabantu mission. It looks like some one is trying to make it appear differently to what I’m writing. Like I said you are dealing with a spirit… May God bless you and your family!! Mary Bowes!!!


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