Open Letter 4

To: The current leadership of Mission Kwasizabantu – Erlo Stegen, Thofozi Dube, Ruth Combrinck, Detlef Stegen, Tobie Vermaak, Dietmar Joosten, Michael Ngubane, and others.

From: Peet Botha – and on behalf of others currently departed from Mission Kwasizabantu.

Several people have contacted me and asked to approach the leadership of Mission Kwasizabantu openly, “one last time” as they put it. So I am prayerfully reaching out via this open letter to the Mission’s leadership as well as ex-members of Mission Kwasizabantu. This letter has been e-mailed to the leadership at KSB and some ex-members of KSB as well.

Within the hearts of people there lives a hope that we will be able to find a solution to the division at Mission Kwasizabantu, if we can sit and talk openly with one another. It is clear from what has been said in the news media, that we are finding ourselves at a turning point for the worse scenario and unless a major effort is made, no turning around will be possible.

I suggest that we approach this matter with the urgency it deserves. This is my proposal below:

  1. An open meeting is arranged for Saturday 2 November and Sunday 3 November 2019 at a neutral venue to be decided;
  2. The agenda for the meeting is simply open;
  3. That two people from the Mission’s leadership and two people from the ex-member group are tasked to arrange the meeting;
  4. That a neutral chairman and vice-chairman be tasked to assist us all to speak openly, unrestricted and free of any intimidation;
  5. That ample notice is given to all to attend if they wish to do so;
  6. Everyone will be given an opportunity to speak who desires to speak as is possible within the time limit;

I appeal to the leadership of Mission Kwasizabantu not to trivialize this request and to agree with this request promptly so that such a meeting may be arranged.

Yours in Christ

Peet Botha
Dr Peet H Botha

4 thoughts on “Open Letter 4

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  1. I actually do not understand the purpose of a meeting. In order to make an alliance with those who preach righteousness but they themselves are greedy of money, corupt, sexual imoral, liars, and and and????
    When these people are being called for a meeting it is for the fact that they are being called to answer for their crimes. So many people have trusted them and deserve an answer to all the injustices being made so that once and for all their hypocrisy will be bestowed. The truth must come out!! Mr Friedel Stegen should also repent publicly from his wrongdoings!!
    Oh, may that day come when they themselves will humble and repent from their sins so as they preached to us!


  2. May the Lord find it in His heart to forgive us! it is evident daily that some of us really dont know what they are doing/saying/preaching, let alone the spiritual damage as a result. I really cant pickup my bible anymore… please pray for me. I have failed Christ. I have put my hope/trust in other co-workers. I regarded them as highly spiritual. Only to find, through contact/observation (and the information on this blog has confirmed my fear) that this is not the case. They are humans too, just humans, with human hearts… Please pray that the Lord guide me out of this place, I cant take it anymore… I cant take it anymore…, I cant take it anymore…, but I have a family to support … and thats the dillemna im facing. I have to put up with spiritual bullying, in order to put food on the table… Please pray that the Lord makes a way for me and many others who may
    find themselves in the same situation. A way for us to serve Him as free people, not slaves of human beliefs. A way for us to follow His teaching to the last word, without fear of persecution. Please pray that my faith doesnt fade away. Please pray for the other co-workers too! That the Lord reveals to them that THEY ARE NOT THE ONES WHO DIED ON THE CROSS. JESUS DIED ON THE CROSS. That they see that they are not the prerequisite for forgiveness of sin.

    Dear reader: I hope my words will only encourage and not destroy your faith.

    May the Lord hear my silent cry!

    Please keep my identity safe…and dont trust anyone with it.


    1. Thank you for sharing your deep inside.
      Now it can be read all over the world without revealing your identity.
      God only gives the manna for today, he also gives the strength just for today.
      Don’t think about tomorrow, today is the day.
      I was in unimaginable circumstances from which I saw no way out for years (decades).
      But today is today and tomorrow is another day.
      “The days that break you are the days that make you”.
      Don’t look around, just look for God and that he comes to the goal with you.
      Nothing else is important.

      He will guide you and give the right thoughts and decisions at the right time.

      In my German Bible, in Psalm 84, 7 (or 6):
      When they cross the valley of the drought, it becomes a place with springs, and even the autumn rain brings fertility back to the valley.
      They receive new strength at every turn until they stand before God on Mount Zion.

      God be with you.


    2. I also am in the same dilemma, afraid to even reply here. I cannot trust own family. We are together in this. Do not think that you are the only one. There are others here(at ksb) that are too afraid to say anything.


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