Essay 15

Essay 15 had been “in the making” for a long time. It has been my burden to say a word about the gender-based discrimination practiced at Mission Kwasizabantu that finds authoritative sanction through a biblical hermeneutics infused with dubious cultural and revival parameters.

The net result of this is a doctrinal stance that creates “throwaway daughters”, and “orphan children” and “married widows” because of a deviant sexual theological culture that discriminates against females in the most non-biblical manner.

You will understand as you read Essay 15. You will cry for justice to be done!

3 thoughts on “Essay 15

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  1. This is absolutely heartbreaking. I nearly couldn’t finish reading it because it upset me so much. How long was I a part of this mission and so blind towards everything happening around me? But for the grace of God …
    I can only pray for healing for the many who suffered, and pray for the Lord’s justice towards all those who commit these evil, evil deeds – and towards those who know and do nothing.


  2. I can only hope and pray that the victims of these practices will come together, talk, take the necessary steps for their mental health – and prosecute the perpetrators. They must not let it rest on themselves! God bless all the victims!


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