Some questions asked: Essay 14

It happens all the time that people contact me and ask questions I can simply not answer. In Essay 14, I ask the questions on their behalf to those who should know the answers; the trustees of KSB and the auditors of KSB.

I know for a fact that both entities are reading my blog or are told of what I write on my blog. Whether they will answer as requested is totally a different matter. Over the past twelve months or so the Mission has remained silent on all of these matters and the auditors were also not very communicative.

It might be because I tend to write, respond and communicate openly about these matters on this blog. I believe that it is the right way to do things because I am talking, arguing and asking questions on behalf of many who do not have the opportunity to do so. So let us see what we receive perhaps this time from the trustees and auditors.

One thought on “Some questions asked: Essay 14

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  1. If the Ksb loyalists do not open up; admit, confess, repent and flee, they will stay fake, false, flawed, Pharisees. I see them in the mall where I live. Strict, stern, joyless, full of fear. They have shunned themselves from the truth. I feel so sorry for them. It is simple, IF God opens their eyes. It is in His hands. We can just continue praying.


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