This press release is given by the Special Investigators working with the case of Mission Kwasizabantu. They are specialist investigators into serious, violent & serious economic crimes contracted to do the investigation into Mission Kwasizabantu by James Stegen and others. Mr. Vaughan Schwartz the National Chief Specialist Investigator Serious Economic Crimes, may be contacted in connection with the investigation. His contact detail is at the end of the Press Release.



An intensive investigation has confirmed the rumours that Kwasizabantu Mission’s leadership is involved in money laundering with an estimated R136 million of the Mission’s funds having been illicitly converted to cash and then the cash has vanished. 

We have proof that 136 million Rand in cash has been stolen from Kwasizabantu Mission (KSB) from 2015 until December 2018 and who knows how much more since then.

To try and hide the theft from their auditors, a loan account was created in the name of Thofozi Dube (Dube) which was highly suspicious, but then the deception was taken up a notch when the name of the borrower was simply changed to “Moses Ndlela” who does not exist and there is no record of his particulars at KSB, making the entire loan account fictitious.

However, the auditors of KSB are not that easily deceived as they have refused to sign off the AFS for KSB since 2016 due to these irregularities and have had no alternative but to report the conduct of KSB.

KSB Management confirmed that having regard to the resolutions we have examined, some of the trustees appear to have been well aware of the theft as they signed resolutions, purporting to authorise the massive loans, but these resolutions on the face of it have been backdated.

One of the founding trustee at KSB, Friedel Stegen has been forced to resign from KSB as a consequence of his involvement and support for our investigation. In his written reasons for resignation he has exposed the corrupt activities at KSB and distanced himself from the criminal and immoral practices taking place there.

Another trustee of KSB and former MD of Aquelle, Arno Stegen has also resigned.

Our investigation has also established that Moses Ndlela is real, and his true identity is, in fact, Canaan Ndlovu. He has cooperated with our investigation to the extent where he has revealed that he operated under the direct instruction of Lydia Thofozi Dube who is a senior trustee at KSB, with an agenda to deceive the founder of the KSB mission, Erlo Stegen and defraud KSB. Based on the deception, Erlo Stegen gave his blessing and support for cash from KSB to be given to ‘Ndlela’ to fund fake activities, concocted by Dube. Moses Ndlela (actually Canaan Ndlovu) kept a commission and repaid the balance of the money to his handler, Thofozi.

We estimate Moses Ndlela’s recently amassed wealth is worth about R15 million and the balance of the millions went to Dube, according to Ndlela.

Our investigation has revealed that millions upon millions of Rands have been paid from Aquelle into KSB which is a registered Public Benefit Organisation. KSB then converts the deposits into cash and the cash is secretly given to a mystery man, Moses Ndlela at isolated delivery points. Thereafter the cash disappears and the only record of the cash is an unsecured loan initially in the name of Thofozi Dube, who is a current trustee at KSB, but recently the loan has changed to “Mosses Ndlela”. On the 24th of December 2018, the loan amount was R136 000 000.00 and we fear that it is still increasing.

KSB’s reply when we approached them for comment was: initially, Tobie Vermaak of KSB indicated that they had nothing to hide and we could have unrestricted access to the mission as well as interview the trustees, but that soon changed and KSB lawyered up and clamped up. Instead of co-operating, their attorney challenged our investigation, a complete turnaround by KSB.

We conclude that certain trustees at KSB have been involved in money laundering and theft of the Lord’s money with impunity through a Public Benefit Organization since 2015 and our investigation has just scratched the surface of further allegations involving other immoral behaviours at KSB.

If you have any information to assist with our investigation, kindly contact us immediately.
All information will be treated in the strictest of confidence.

Head of Investigation:
Mr. Vaughan Schwartz
S.S.S. Specialist Investigator
Serious Economic Crimes
National Chief Specialist Investigator
Serious Economic Crimes  
B.Proc (UNISA) & Nat. Dip. Police Admin. (RSA Tek)
Qualified Attorney & Conveyancer 
Mobile: +27 79 347 5691
You may forward this document to anyone interested/involved.

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