Essay 11 is here!

Essay 11 is an eye opener. It reveals the “story line” for what is happening at KSB. Be sure to enlarge attached Document 3 (KSB network..) and study the bigger picture. It will give you an clear indication of the deliberate intentions behind the changes wrought upon KSB. The coup d’etat is complete. The takeover of KSB is complete pending the final takeover of the spiritual side.

I have included partial documents on the evidence we have for everything I am writing. People ask me frequently if there is any evidence for what I write. The evidence is indeed available. I do keep it safe in hard copy and electronic formats at at least three places and with different people. So take a careful look at what I have included.

The financial “milking of the Mission cow” is breathtakingly true. There is no doubt about what has happened and is still happening. The powers at hand have done what they have set out to do. The cost is terrible and many people are sacrificed in the process. There is a very clear selfish disposition to be recognized in all that has happened. It is not God’s plan for KSB – however much the current leadership would want people to believe so.

Read for yourself. God bless.

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