If rot starts at the top, so too must hope begin with leadership!

This is the heading for Essay 10. I have grappled with the dynamics of denialism within the leadership group at Mission Kwasizabantu. Why do they deny the very truths revealed about them and just keep quiet about everything. Denialism opposes the very Gospel we preach and live by. Why? The answers to this question are very enlightening and brings one to understand the truth of an empty faith. Revival, not the revival when God comes down, but revival in the sense that survival of the leadership has to be cast in revival terms is at hand. It is a non-spiritual psychological process being driven not by Holy Spirit infused faith but by humanistic survival instinct. Will Mission Kwasizabantu survive this battle? Time will tell.

5 thoughts on “If rot starts at the top, so too must hope begin with leadership!

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  1. Is it possible to clarify this sentence:

    “All the facts tabled and subsequently perpetually denied show … Friedel and Arno Stegen through their perpetual denial of any knowledge about the facts to be perceived as victims.”

    What facts are Friedel and Arno denying?

    Thank you.


  2. At ksb,the4th commandmend from God’s Word,does not exist,and now it comes to light ,that the leadership is openly lying to its workers,telling them that they must work on sundays,because the mission is need of money.Even so that,workers are not able to attend communion service that happens once a year,thus business is more important than the souls of their workers.The fruit of all this,is that in the last 20years,not one worker has come to faith,and majority of former drug addicts backslides,but these are facts the mission is hiding.It seems that the leadership is only using the mission,as a way to enrich themselves.


  3. Peet, you have been doing an exemplary work, exposing the great Ksb cult, without hesitation. Now your hands should be made even stronger to publish and post further a field, like Carté Blanché and Cum Books.

    Others tried to help on Ksb Alert, but now a voice is starting to be heard in this wilderness.

    All of us involved with Ksb were in denial at some stage to some extent, ignoring warning signs. Sincerely people sacrificed money, jobs, families and many even life times. No one is to blame but ourselves.

    But Satan will keep conniving, luring and lying, using his disciples for his means. Cutting off internet connectivity on the mission?! How ludicrous. To warn the world, to save some, we should use media all the way.

    Our eyes were opened and in gratitude we should continue to expose and warn, in love and prayer; as our Lord teaches.

    May the Lord destroy these evil works once and for all.


  4. I also want to commend you and thank you for all you have done in work, research and giving of yourself to expose the works of darkness . It is helping tremendously in understanding more clearly the modus operandi of cults and the deception people connected to Ksb are under.

    May the Lord strengthen and encourage your heart.



  5. Few major problems with ksb’s confessing of sin doctrine and it’s fruit
    1.no unity on the doctrine- Rev Stegen warns about repeating sin and confessing it over and over,but many co-workers encourages its members to keep on confessing
    2.they expect you to confess sin every week(what have you been saved from,if you are still regularly sinning?)
    3.instead of looking at the fruit on someone’s life,they ask when last did you confess,to see whether you are on the ‘right path’
    4.many are putting their faith on their confessions,instead of resting in Jesus-many have no assurance of salvation(these are facts-but seems like people are more concerned about stories than the spiritual wellbeing of ksb members)
    5.so much emphasis is put on confessing sins,that other important doctrines are neglected
    6.more emphasis is put on confessing the sins,than leaving it
    7.many workers only confess their sin,just in order to get a job,and in many cases(also a fact) confess just to keep their job
    8.it has come to light that ,in especially regarding members of cypsa,their confession of sin,did not remain between them and their counsellor
    9.leadership expects its members to walk in the light,but when it comes to themselfes and their departments ,suddenly different standards apply


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