Read it! Essay 8.

After confirming with my sources, I have now posted essay 8 as well.

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  1. Gods money, is best followed with the aid of the tax man. That’s how Elliot Ness got Capone, either the money must be paid back or as in Shaik/Zuma a court must find the arrangement was not a loan in which case, Tax must be paid by someone. But while the hard case of fraud theft and money laundering may well fall at the door of one side and offspring, the more subtle misappropriation of God’s money by business may well lie at the door of the other brother and offspring. Indeed it may be a source of the jealousy between the “in three” and the “out two” trustees. In the ANC there is this same phenomenon. Also two camps those who made their millions by going into business “legally” with the “Ruperts” and those who see this wealth and make their own arrangements to become wealthy with the tax payers money. The good half with a morally dicy position , but justified through lawful business are the “good” guys and those doing what Thofosi, and co are doing are the bad guys in the ANC? To spell it out plainly the sand business is about grit and transport. The water business is about the same plus a brand value, but while huge profits in a transport business disappear out of the books without an eyebrow being raised, the other side sitting with the water has a problem getting money into their pockets without un-missionary amounts of compensation, hence the need for off the books arrangements which always end in tears. I’ve been watching this since the very beginning so there is no reactionary opinion here, rather the completion of the hypothesis which earned my MBA a long time ago. Gods money should go to Gods people and over the years there were many co-workers, including people close to me. One of the problems with being a used missionary person is that you allow those who are at the top to look after themselves in a way the rest do not. So class action to go after the money on behalf of all the good and wonderful KSB people regardless of their date of coming to see that the light they thought was great was actually the channel tunnel express.


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