Essay 9

I have posted Essay 9 this morning. Essay 8 is on ice for now as I am busy establishing some facts I mentioned in the Essay.

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  1. Dear Prof. Bootha,

    Thanks so much for posting! It was in my first year at college back in 2007 when I heard a coworker boldly proclaiming the first heresy I ever heard in a church. She, the coworker, said that the counselor to which we confess our sins is the mediator between us and God.
    I was so sad to hear that!!!! Our Lord Jesus Christ, the pure Lamb sacrificed himself for our sins and performs as High Priest before the Father on our behalf, He alone is the Mediator. And the Holy Spirit is interciding for us, as the Bible says. At that point, studying at the college at KSB I realised that they are spreading false teachings. And I was so disappointed that no one amonh the teachers who were there stood up to take a stand. Was none there who was reading the Bibel? I was grown up in a baptist church where they gave me a biblical foundation in the faith. I noticed that many of the people living at KSB do not thoroughly read the Bibel. I am so sory that I did not packed my things and returned home. This teaching is clearly against our Lord ans Saviour, Jesus Christ. My time at the college was merely sad because of the lack of firm biblical foundation.


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