A Statement!

I, Jacobus Willem Greeff acting on behalf of

Mr Friedel Heinrich Stegen ID 2705305025084 in his capacity as a Trustee and Director of


And Ekhamanzi Springs (Pty) ltd

hereinafter referred to as “The Trust” and I or “the Company” and/  or “the Mission” respectively, as the case may be, as his duly appointed representative in terms of a Special Power of Attorney hereby declare the following for all and everybody to hear in the name of and on the authority of Mr Friedel Heinrich Stegen:

I have been a supporter of my brother, Erlo Stegen, from the time he started out as a missionary.

I housed him (at Maphumulo) from before the revival and I supported the work from the beginning till today.

I was the founding member of the Trust together with my brother, Erlo Stegen I declare the following:

  1. I warned my brother, Erlo Stegen, about shady money dealings, as to me they seemed suspect. As a Trustee, I felt it my duty to give permission that the money dealings be investigated as I and Arno Stegen were directly and indirectly accused of misconduct by Lidia Dube on Ascension Day. This was done in a public meeting which was broadcast on Livestream worldwide and on a local radio station. I grant permission to continue to investigate and have access to investigate the financial information.
  • I have been portrayed as being against my brother and plotting  his downfall and therefore no longer feel welcome at the mission. It has become quite clear to me that my presence is no longer valued or appreciated at KSB and therefore tender my resignation from the above-mentioned Trust, Company and Mission.

Friedel H Stegen”

I Jacobus Willem Greeff declare that I have initiated a proper and legal investigation in the above-mentioned misdeeds. The preliminary results of these are as follows:

1: The rumours that some of the leadership of Mission KwaSizabantu is wholly corrupt and immoral is true;

2: Due to the infirmity of Mr Erlo Stegen, certain individuals have been misusing him and manipulating his condition to cover up their own illegal and sinful acts and are benefiting financially from this.

3: I have proof that 136 million Rand in cash has been stolen from KSB since 2015.

4: The corrupted leadership at the mission have tried to cover up the theft by deceiving the auditors.

5: No Audited Financial Statements have been signed off since 2004. This is a breach of all the laws relating to the financial affairs of companies and or trusts and or NPO’s.

6: To try and hide the theft from the auditors, a false loan account was created in the name of Lidia Dude. This loan account runs into many millions of Rands although the law prohibits such loans to trustees of a trust.

7: Fraudulent loan accounts were also opened in the name of unknown entities of persons. These loans run into many millions of Rands.

8: Ms Lidia Dube and Ms Eunice Ngcamu were well aware of the theft as they signed false resolutions unlawfully and fraudulently consenting to the theft. In this matter they manipulated Mr Erlo Stegen in adding his signature to it.

9: These corrupted leaders of the leadership are linked to and involved with witch doctors, drug dealers and hired assassins.

10: Members and visitors at the mission are unlawfully accused of being Satanists and sexual abuse has taken place.

I Jacobus Willem Greeff declare that these criminal and immoral acts are being committed in the name of our loving God and in the Lord’s sacred house. As such I have no option but to take the necessary steps to report this to the relevant authorities and take the necessary criminal and civil actions to have these practices rectified

Signed this day of 21June 2019 at Jacobsbaai

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  1. Wow, this revelation is beyond incredible. R136 000 000. And yet at the moment another tragedy is happening where members are forced to choose between The Leaders of the Mission and Uncle Friedel. If you choose Uncle Friedel, you pack your bags. In other words if you stand behind the very same people who lost, stole or misappropriated R136 000 000 of The Missions (God’s) money you are allowed to continue to work for God on the Mission. Forcing people who have a calling from God to work on the Mission field to make a choice like this is straight out of the pits of Hell and you should be ashamed of yourself. Tom Fouché from North Dakota USA

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  2. Peet, dit bly hart verskeurend! Maar dit voel my die einde is naby…. Sterkte. ❤️ Kien

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