Oh, the money! So much money!

Slowly but surely we are breaking through the wall of amasu or white lies. In the Zulu culture it is understood that amasu is just fine because as long as you lie to protect the Lord’s work, you are lying to protect a good cause and therefore this is not sin. God will not punish amasu. This “strategy” or “principle” has actually been taught at KSB by Thofosi and promoted as acceptable by Erlo Stegen. Did Rahab and Davids wife not do the same? I believe this strategy of amasu at KSB to be true because numerous sources have confirmed it to me. One Zulu girl actually simply said, ” We are taught that that amasu is OK”. The opposite of amasu is amanga, which is an outright lie. This then is sin. At the Mission aqashe amasu, employing the technique of lying to protect the Lord’s work, causes much difficulty to help people break through their blindness to see their own sin in protecting those doing evil and simply hiding evil deeds through lying for the good cause of the Lord’s work in this world. Aqashe amasu is common practice at the Mission. However, slowly but surely the veil is lifted and factual evidence is revealing the lies for the sin it really is. Amasu is biblically a sinful act.

Over the period January 2012 – December 2018 the trustees took frequent decisions to loan money to Thofosi Dube and Moses Ndlela. I have come to understand that Moses Ndlela (also Moses Ndlovo or Moses Kanaan) is a personal aide-de-camp to Thofozi Dube and he carries a variety of ID documents to protect himself. Over this term he received money, always covertly and in cash, to the amount of more than R100 000 000,00. But it is rumored he only keeps a cut, some 20% as someone else gets the 80%! Could it be his loan buddy in all of this, one called Thofozi Dube?

But who is this man Moses Ndlela? This name is his more commonly used name. It is as well reasonable to assume, based on previous years’ loans that a further amount of between 30 – 40 million Rand has been handed to Moses Ndlela from January 2019 to date over and above the amount given to him up to December 2018. I have put together a profile from information I have gathered from various sources at Mission Kwasizabantu.


It is my understanding that Ndlela came to Mission Kwasizabantu when Thofozi was in hospital in Pretoria during December 2015. At first he really meant well and he came alone at that time. He had a problem with nightmares at night due to the number of people that he had apparently murdered. When he started pouring out his heart to one of the counselors who was called by Reception, they realized that what he was saying was very unpleasant yet important. They then phoned Eunice Ngcamu and she said they should bring him to her for counseling. He confessed his sins to her. At that time he was running away as many people were after him to kill him because of what he has done. He had killed some of their relatives, was a hit man in the Taxi wars and even confessed to have been a hit man for then president Zuma and the police were looking for him. It is rumored that he was also involved in the shooting of Mr Chonco the late Kranskop police superintendent. Whether this is true or not is not the issue here. I am concerned to profile the character of the man who won the trust of Erlo Stegen, Thofozi Dube and Eunice Ngcamu as well as received more than a hundred million Rand in cash of the Mission’s money, more correctly stated, God’s money!

At the time when he came to Mission Kwasizabantu he had lost his house due to bankruptcy. His house and his car were repossessed. He and his wife were blacklisted in clothing stores and that is why he came for help to the Mission. He was without work, owned no house or car. He had severe emotional, spiritual, psychological and social problems. After making his life right (confessing his sins and speaking to a spiritual counselor), there was a prayer meeting where Eunice, his counselor, told those in attendance to remember Moses Ndlela in their prayers. Eunice shared that he has murdered many people.  Even when he closed his eyes she said, he just sees those people he murdered and he constantly had nightmares at night; so the attendees must pray for him. That was around December 2015. Some days after the prayer meeting Thofozi returned to the Mission from the hospital and she then heard about Ndlela and spoke to him. She became very interested in Ndlela. He was even called to testify at the coworkers meeting in the old reception hall. Since the meeting with Thofozi things have changed in the lives of the Ndlela or Ndlovu or Kanaan family as Ndlela bought himself a new house in Johannesburg as well as an expensive car. The family moved away from the Mission. At some stage his wife worked at the Aquelle office where she was known as Mrs. Ndlela or at times she was called Mrs. Ndlovu. His two children attended DSS School. His family is no longer at the Mission. He is still a regular visitor at KSB. Both Erlo Stegen and Thofozi Dube have regular contact with him. It is rumored that Thofozi and Ndlela deceived Erlo Stegen. I understand that the money thus loaned is tagged – Loan Ndlela (L T Dube) in the Trust’s financial Statements. With such a profile this man will not be able to get a R1000 loan at any commercial institution!

So this man then has received a loan of more than R100 000 000,00 from Mission Kwasizabantu under the signatures of the trustees Erlo Stegen, Thofozi Dube and Eunice Ngcamu. Friedel Stegen and Arno Stegen is not in the picture. They resisted. Is this perhaps why he has to be kicked of the Trust.? As decided by the three trustees the loan is interest free. There is no time frame specified for repayment of the loan. Ndlela has signed no Loan Agreement(s) with Mission Kwasizabantu. He has not provided the Mission with his Identification Document(s), as it is not on file. He has not provided the Mission with a Proof of Address and neither is he RICA registered. He has not provided the Mission with any SARS particulars, nor has he provided any collateral for the mega-loan. There is no feasibility study, no credit check, no police check. Nothing! Absolutely nothing! Yet more than R100 000 000,00 was handed over to him in cash! It was handed to him in bags, boxes, black refuse bags and cooler boxes. It was driven and given to Ndlela with Erlo Stegen’s Tuareg or Fortuner cars by his sons-in-law or some coworkers or flown to him in the Mission’s planes, the Pilatus PC12 or twin engine Cessna 340 or the smaller Cessna 182, all over Natal, Free State and Gauteng.

People say that Ndlela suddenly changed. He rented the most expensive vehicles from Avis, a Jeep, BMW or Mercedez Benz when collecting the money at the drop-off points. He dressed in expensive clothes. No cost was spared to get the money to him. At times Erlo Stegen bemoaned the fact that he just had to find more money. Thofozi Dube passionately confronted bank managers when they refused withdrawals of huge amounts from her personal bank account and she could not have the big amounts of money available immediately. Erlo Stegen would contact friends and coworkers asking for money, as he needed to meet demands for huge amounts of money. All of this effort was done only to satisfy the ever money-thirsty Ndlela. That is it! That is the story. Forget about the Dutch Queen and the Zambezi River problem and all the corpses along the N3. The money may be much nearer to home than previously thought. Those were all amasu! Lies to protect a good cause.

But something is tremendously wrong in all of this. God the Holy Spirit is as much a God of discernment as He is God of common sense. The trademark of the evil one is stamped all over all of this. Evil has been done and is continued to be done in the Name of God. Evil has entered the house of Erlo Stegen, the rooms of the “mamas”, Thofozi and Eunice, and the hearts of some coworkers. Where evil reigns, the fruits of the flesh are on display sooner or later. Do you remember the fruits of the flesh? Galatians 5: 19ff says, “The acts of the flesh are obvious: sexual immorality, impurity and debauchery; idolatry and witchcraft; hatred, discord, jealousy, fits of rage, selfish ambition, dissensions, factions and envy; drunkenness, orgies, and the like. I warn you, as I did before, that those who live like this will not inherit the kingdom of God.”

Erlo Stegen and Thofozi Dube have been actively involved in the day-to-day running of this “fake loan scheme” perhaps better called a “planned thieving scheme”. Not just in authorizing the resolutions but also in the actual collection and distribution of the cash amounts. To do so, Erlo Stegen, Thofozi Dube and Eunice Ngcamu had to acquire the help of others; Erlo Stegen’s children are all involved, as well as some well-known SPAR Supermarket owners, as are some senior coworkers and the pilots of the airplanes. Thofozi Dube acquired the help of especially two young coworkers and even used people coming for help to the Mission. The names of all those who have been involved, have now been handed to the authorities for their further attention.

I am no prophet. But I want to warn all those who are involved; the day of reckoning is coming fast. You will find no place to hide. The sleeping dogs have been awakened and the bloodhounds are on your trail. Put your things in order and make your arrangements. They are coming for each one of you.

3 thoughts on “Oh, the money! So much money!

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  1. Wonderful to see everything coming into the “light”.

    I hope I get back pay for services rendered and were underpaid at the time I was employed under Aquellé water….


    1. So today I communicated with the management at Aquellé, and I was informed that I agreed upon a rate of payment as per pay slips received. Irrespective of the company status of Aquellé, I agreed upon the minimum wage they compensated to me as an employee and thus I will be in no position to claim being “underpaid” as I have initially stated.
      In conclusion agreed that
      there will be no compensation for being “underpaid” with respect to related market value as per my qualifications.

      I find it interesting to hear both sides of the events thats being blogged about, I guess only time will tell the truth.


  2. A Question

    Does it make sense for members to hang on, pray and wait for open confession and repentance from leaders?

    Ksb leaders might be convicted, confess, repent, but still to be compared to a repenting pedophile, forgiven, but never to be trusted again!

    Members why have you been so misled? Each member should blame himself, placing man’s authority above Scripture.

    Still waiting for guidance on what to do now? Search the Bible on false teachers, false prophets, the false church. It’s not complicated when you go back to the Bible, the answer is clear.


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