Ascension Day Service Mission Kwasizabantu

The above service took place at KSB Auditorium on 30th May and was “preached” by Thofozi Dube and Jabulane Dube.[1] Arno by permission of Thofozi could also speak (2:07:21). It was broadcasted over Radio Kwezi and video-live streamed over the Internet where it remains to be viewed. I listened to the whole service a couple of times and some observations come to mind. I will highlight some obvious reflections but it would be evidently better when you listen to the whole service and decide for yourself.

Thofozi made the point by saying she has rev. Erlo Stegen’s permission to stand in his pulpit (1:05:00), also that the “relatives” urged her to speak (3 times), which I assume to be the children of rev. Stegen and others with them. I suppose that if she says it, then we should accept it. Just like Arno said he had Thofozis’s permission to say what is on his heart. But we will get back to Arno. She went into great lengths to explain rev. Erlo Stegen is in perfect health, not having any signs of dementia, very capable to request and hold meetings and totally capable of making decisions. But the question lingers, why was he not there in the Auditorium to hear her speaking and corroborate her assumptions and establish her integrity in all of what she said if he is that well? She had the floor and spoke her heart and yet there was no higher authority to oversee what she said. If rev. Erlo Stegen is so well then why was he not there if such important things concerning the Mission, Europe breaking away, the dismantling of his brother uncle Friedel, the humbling of Arno and revelation of detail from meetings with him; all of these issues were to be discussed and broadcasted into the whole world. Why?

Why use Ascension Day for such a meeting when people come together to remember the saving grace of God in Christ Jesus? Well she gave the reason herself. She said, Ascension Day 2019 (55:39), whenever remembered will be historically linked to Thofozi and Jabulane and the Dube family. It is history in the making and she is the diva[2] making the historical announcement. This gives to me the impression that it was a well-determined and pre-planned context developmental action for future reference.

Notwithstanding the above there are some serious issues in-between the bla-bla-bla of the speakers. It is to be noted that neither of the Dubes could find anything to apologize for; this stands in stark contrast to Arno who could only find nothing else but to apologize. Thofozi also, in speaking on the 2000 debacle, justified herself as innocent to the whole matter. She did apologize in 2002 but only to those who had seen her in the light of being a liar and deceiver. She never then, and even now acknowledged any wrongdoing. They, Thofozi and Jabulane, presented themselves as victims in all what is going around. They have also renounced uncle Friedel as their “father” (30:49; 1:42:00) and criticized and smeared him with insinuations and examples from meetings without giving uncle Friedel any credit for why he would have done things differently. The issue with CFT (28:30) is a case in point. They simply disgraced their “father” in public. They could both take a lesson from Arno who disgraced neither his father nor rev. Erlo Stegen when he spoke.

Why did she speak in public for the world to hear about the meeting with rev. Erlo Stegen concerning Arno? What is the reason behind it? Thofozi was at pains to make it clear she wanted Franzi, Arno’s wife in the meeting. She deliberately brought what Franzi said to everyone listening.  Remember, her speaking is send over Radio Kwezi and the Internet to untold multitudes. She did not elaborate on the rest of what was said or transpired in the meeting but highlighted a single point. This is the point: she herself is innocent to the accusation that she chased Arno away; even his wife Franzi confirmed it. As Tofozi quoted what Franzi said Arno was shown to be the liar and Thofozi has vindicated herself. Through this, Thofozi has just added to the rumors that Franzi and Arno don’t see eye to eye concerning KSB. These rumors may well be then the by-product of Room 5 taken in the context of this Ascension Day service. Thofozi has a devious way to go around with facts.

It is common knowledge that the Mission has misappropriated millions of Rands. It is further common knowledge that these funds have been given in cash (packed in bags, boxes and cooler bags) to one Moses Ndlela (or Ndlovu) through covert deliveries made by the sons-of-law of rev. Erlo Stegen and some others, by car or Mission airplanes over a long period of time. It is also a common fact that Thofosi had been fingered as one of those who were intimately involved in the whole “moneybags” saga. Thofozi went to great lengths today to explain she is not the “master brain”, behind the whole money issue, as rumors would suggest. Arno seems to know everything for he and he alone sign the cheques (39:34) she said. Arno signs even on behalf of uncle Friedel (43:15). Arno is the contact with the auditors (42:10). No money goes out of the Mission if rev. Erlo Stegen does not authorize or if the trustees of the Mission do not authorize it. Arno is again a witness to that. No money leaves the Mission if the trustees do not know about it. The trustees know about all the money spent because all together decide at the same meeting where it is to be spend (43:00). By implication from what Thofozi said, rev. Erlo Stegen, uncle Friedel Stegen, Thofozi Dube, aunt Eunice and Arno Stegen all know what happened to the millions of misappropriated money because together, as Thofozi said, they as trustees decided where that money has gone. If then the house comes down, she is taking everyone else down with herself. Therefore, any of them can openly tell what they have done with the money. So why didn’t Thofozi tell everyone what was done with the money and supported what she said with the minutes of the meeting when it was decided? At least Thofosi is sure; it has not been deposited into an offshore hedge account. If she knows that, surely she must know where the money has been deposited. She is not innocent in this by her own testimony.

It is interesting that she attacked Esther (Lizette) Marloth the way she did. That she referred to Esther by her former name with so much disdain speaks volumes. Now suddenly Thofozi only knows her by her former name? As far as I know the list did not originate with Esther. That Esther may have passed it on to others in good faith as well may be true. The information I had from the “horse’s mouth”, suggests another scenario. Thofozi dictated the list to Samatha in the presence of aunt Eunice, Jabo Majola and 4-5 other women and Samatha wrote it down as it was dictated. She was told to tell the people listed that they have been identified as potential Satanists, which she did not do. Now, Thofozi did not mention this but she seemed very agitated that the list was leaked. Then there is the case of the girls who have been named Satanists by the ex-Satanist and these girls were admitted to the hospital at KSB. There they were subjected to rigorous counseling and confessing sessions over a period of 6 weeks. But, then, Thofozi did not speak about this either. It is said half a truth is as good as a lie. She is playing selectively with the truth to suit her own agenda.

What she said about the European brethren is very enlightening (1:13:00). She said, “They are so cowardly that they don’t want to speak”. At least, she and I agree on something and that is that the leaders in Europe have to speak out about their actions. So she elaborated that they are deceived. But who deceived them? I think it is clear from the context of the meeting that uncle Friedel and Arno Stegen are the culprits. By leaving KSB (and staying in the Lord as they do believe – my opinion) she said, “They are bringing curses on them, their children and the generations to follow!” and she went on to admonish those present and hearing her, “If some of them are your relatives you will save yourself by distancing yourself from them”. The brethren from Europe left “according to their own signature. The branches have been removed from rev.Erlo Stegen by the authority of their signatures”. Now this is the true Thofozi speaking. The one in control and the one speaking with vested authority. In other words, she is no part of this process. It was a unilateral decision by Europe according to Thofozi. Well the ball is in their side of the court. They will have to be less “cowardly” and respond.

Between Thofozi and Jabulane we were treated to many comments on whites, the Dube family, Zulu history and Zulu culture. Repeatedly “the whites” or “you whites” were addressed in an attacking manner. Thofozi mentioned king Shaka as an example of someone who never killed whites. Historically true but what was the reason for this? She made a statement that said that Zulu’s historically negotiated their differences. This seems to be historically incorrect. When Shaka’s mother Nandi died he forced the entire kingdom to mourn her. He issued an order that no new crops were to be planted for a year. He also demanded that no milk be used for a year and all cows that gave birth were killed. He also during this time had all pregnant women killed with their husbands. He had around 7.000 people executed for not mourning enough for his mother. He killed more of his own people than any other Zulu king. After a botched assassination attempt on him he allowed white settlers to settle in Port Natal, the current Durban because he wanted the best treatment for himself. His people had had enough of Shaka’s cruelty and were ready to revolt. On September 22, 1828, his half-brothers murdered Shaka and buried him in an unmarked grave. Shaka’s capital kraal was called KwaBulawayo, which means, “place where they are killed”. People deemed unfit to live were brought to KwaBulawayo to be killed off. These included short men, deemed useless as they would not be able to see approaching enemy impi (warriors) from afar; troops who had wounds in their backs after a battle, as this meant they’d been running away; and anyone who went against his will; so much then for the notion that the Zulus historically negotiated their differences!

The Mission is called KwaSizabantu Mission and not KwaDube Mission. It is a sad day when a particular family is elevated, exulted and lifted up above the other children of God at the Mission and all other people are made subservient to the Dube family. They have become the executioners of the Zulu culture at the Mission at the cost of the many other cultures that God brings together at the place. This is not conducive to Christian unity and totally unbiblical where we are called to live the “Christian culture” free from the restraints of worldly cultural settings. At KSB the Dubes, whenever they speak, perpetually reminds us of their royal lineage. Remember Philip Joosten’s funeral where Thofozi treated all to an exposition of her ancestral royal lineage and reiterated the Dube prominence as being counselors to the Zulu king. Thofozi came out of Room 5 to defend herself, her brother and the Dube family, against accusations (48:01; 1:04:33). Jabulane thereafter defended her, himself and the Dube family (1:24:00) as well. We are not followers of the Dube family nor Zulu culture but indeed followers of Christ, having His mind (Phil. 2:5) and living like He lived (1John 2:6). We are called to be His disciples (Matt 28:19-20) and that His Kingdom come in our lives (Matt 6:10). In the words of the apostle Paul, “who is Paul, who is Apollos and who is Dube?” It is about Christ and Christ crucified only. Get it?

Jabulane said that the apostle Paul wrote letters “but never did they allege they were not from Paul but when rev. Stegen write” they, even of the same skin color (German, France, Swiss), say he did not write it. But here are the facts concerning the dispute of Pauline authorship, “In other words, we have seven letters certainly from the historical Paul (Romans, 1-2 Corinthians, Galatians, Philippians, 1 Thessalonians, Philemon), three others probably not from him (Ephesians, Colossians, 2 Thessalonians) and a final three certainly not from him (1-2 Timothy, Titus). So it is nothing special or out of the ordinary when one asks whether rev. Erlo Stegen indeed wrote the letter so profound and uncharacteristic to who he really is and we experienced him in the work at the Mission. He was always one with his brother till now. So people would want to know the origin of the letter.

It is clear that the Dube sister and brother are establishing their authority. Arno had to ask Thofozi for permission to speak. When Arno spoke he looked like Esau who sold his inheritance for a bowl of Amadumbe and knew he lost the inheritance forever. Jabulane besmirched Arno in a deliberate, arrogant and unacceptable manner as the one who had become the heir to the throne rather than the one envisaged to be the heir to the throne by the church. They could find nothing to apologize for in their own lives and covered the truth with half-truths, lies and blaming others. There was no humble disposition in any of the two. Thofozi is truly the one who swings the scepter as the second in command of Mission Kwasizabantu and Jabulane revels in the role as praise singer for his sister.

Beware anyone who falls into his or her displeasure!


[2] A self-important person who is temperamental and difficult to please (typically used of a woman).

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  1. We are Prone to Deception –

    Sitting through myriads of sermons for so many years, conned into worthless counselling sessions, confessing sins over and over, never to attain victory, with no ability to think or pray for yourself, discernment lost and true salvation just a vague idea….. This is the sad reality of the deception and soul carnage of a false church, false prophets and false teaching.

    Therefore, it is imperative and critical, that those who come out of the mission; swiftly find a solid, expository preaching, Bible believing congregation and are taken in by believers who fellowship with humble unity in Christ, through preaching the gospel and reaching out to the broken.

    There áre still true churches alive and well. Do not think we are above churches outside of Ksb. Do not think we can do our own thing after leaving Ksb.

    Lick your wounds amongst true Christians, not alone. Find truth and holiness as presented through the Word of God in a healthy church. We cannot do it alone!


  2. NOTES:

    On comprehension:

    For non-Zulus it is hard to follow the Dube Zulu. For non-Zulu speakers, it is hard to completely understand what is being said as the interpreter makes many errors, at times just making things up, and sometimes not being corrected by the speaker.

    On Arno’s response:

    Arno’s tears and humility are incredible. However, he mentions something interesting: that he failed them. How so? This can mean one of two things. 1) That he should have seen this coming a long time ago, and may have seen it coming, but did not see it as insidious and as a plot directed at him, or 2) Arno should consider himself completely responsible for Friedel and Erlo’s work. People have given their lives for the Stegens, and with the brothers both aging, it falls on Arno to bear the responsibility that the Stegens have to their followers. What is stopping Arno from campaigning door to door and rallying people to the side of good by telling them the truth if he sees the evil of what the new leaders are doing? He should have done this already in order to protect “the way” which he has believed in since his teens. This would mean he will have to play father to the people and support those who take his side. He has taken an easier route. It is his responsibility as both a preacher and an heir by blood of the Stegen way to help the poor mission people who are “innocently” (nobody is innocent) caught up in this. Instead, he tries his best to “humble” himself to ensure that his and his father’s names do not bear the blame for the Dube’s schemes, and hides behind the martyrdom that his own wife has put him under.

    On assumptions:

    One has to ask the question, is there even a feud between Erlo and Friedel at all? Did the brothers know that they were enemies before they were told by other people? Rumour even has it that Friedel has left KSB RSA, which is not true. He made his routine visit to Europe and returned to South Africa, while most people have assumed that he had retired to Europe entirely. He has, however, not returned to the mission station.

    Another question is, why does Erlo allow this? Are we to believe that Erlo would let this happen because he has a grudge against Friedel for cutting off one of his delirium-heavy services. Despite Erlo’s megalomania, these men are too smart to do this, especially at this age. The assumption is this; the deal was always that the mission would pass from Stegen to Dube as, in all fairness, the mission was founded by Stegen and Dube, not Stegen alone as they constantly claim. The Dube women gave him his power. They created his doctrine (confession of sin), they added the supernatural (trances, visions, healings, exorcisms, burning sensations) and they brought Europe to Africa with “Im Paradis”. Erlo was the star and Friedel the financier, but the Dubes were the spiritual force behind the scenes, the playwrights. This suggests one thing; Stegen owes Dube, and it’s Dube’s time to collect. This is the common tale of the person who sells his soul to the devil for fame and fortune, and one day the devil comes to collect what’s his. Not that Dube is the devil, far from it. Stegen and Dube are merely pawns in the games of empires and angels.

    So the devil has come to collect what’s his and hers from Mission KwaSizabantu (a big piece of land and a playground for psychopathic games and who knows what else). And the only ones who can stop this madness are the Stegens, but the Stegen brothers are very conveniently at war with each other, the male Stegen heir seems to have crumbled under the pressure, and the female Stegen heir is, yes I said it, bewitched, and then some.

    If you sold your soul to the devil, the worst thing that can happen is not the devil coming to collect, but that you cannot stop the devil from collecting because people will find out that you sold your soul to the devil. So rather let the devil have his and her way, and pretend to be a victim.

    This leaves us with a question, and the question is this: what did the Stegens do to buy this power? How did Erlo sell his soul? That is what they are hiding now at all costs with this feud, and that is why they cannot stop Thofozi. She knows.


  3. In a manner of speaking I found it very amusing (always of course keeping in mind how very serious the whole matter actually is!) to see the great Lydia Dube clearly being shaken at the depth of her foundations! AT LONG LAST! No pretends anymore – it’s clear now: She is being worried!
    Away with Christian traditions to remember Ascension – as everything else, so this as well has to be made subject to Lydia and her scheming because she and her needs take precedence!
    One could sum it up like this: Same story all over again! As in the past, so now again, whenever some fact about KSB is being made public, they change colour like a chameleon and pretend to be above board. They take on an air of total innocence, pretending their own mistakes and wrongdoings are the mistakes of their enemies.
    She speaks of “expecting to be either poisoned or shot” – (where are her body guards she was so eager to teach to be at their most vigilant? Why doesn’t she let them for example first eat a bite of all she eats to eliminate that possibility at least? If a body guard would die while so doing who cares Lydia has proven long since that she doesn’t care much for her bodyguards.) Why is she scared of that – is it that, as so often with KSB fanatics, the old psychological principle applies: You see in others what is wrong with yourself? Is it maybe that you are planning some “poisoning and shooting” yourself? Keep that in mind as we keep following the dismantling of the KSB Zulu cult!
    She says as well “she might get arrested” – ag shame, Lydia, how dare they? She thought she has a blank cheque to do as she pleases for as long as she likes – since she was given the assurance by no one else but God himself, that she was special and couldn’t go wrong! She got away for so long how dare they threaten her now! Good to remember the statement made by Jannie LeRoux in the 2000 period as reported in a report on KSB alert: When asked why Jannie hasn’t reported Lydia and her kidnapping etc, he just simply stated what must have been the truth: He had watched her for the last 5 years and thought compared to some of the other things she had done this one wasn’t so bad after all….Criminals belong behind bars, Lydia, you know!
    And there she stands, presenting the ever so dear, to some degree naive elderly Zulu mama, who always just simply followed the rules and did what was right, busy quoting appropriate pieces of scripture going to great length explaining and letting her brother explain for her, what a sophisticated and well rounded spiritual Christian and follower of Zulu tradition she in fact is, following alllllll the right procedures, long ladder of commands, “as in the book”. Ah yes, but you conveniently leave unmentioned that this “long line of commands” consists mainly of an old demented pathological lier, Erlo to mention the name, and some of his relatives who were brought up to back him and be his vassals and are in the final analyses anyway under YOUR command. Just the Zulu way, is it? Pretending you consulted submissively where in fact those “consulted” are part of your power base and under your command and wouldn’t dare to speak out..
    And then she really gets bold: When Peet Botha came back from the US, and here she throws in a great little detail for special effect: because he was disgracefully kicked out! he had “two horns” – and, she continues: Go tell him I said so! The great pathological lier Lydia Thofozi Dube speaks now showing her great authority – the “spiritual warrior”, undaunted as ever, taking her last stand against “the enemies” of not so much the mission – but herself! The old Zulu witch speaks now to her underlings about her enemy’s “two horns”, conveniently not mentioning her own tail and seven heads each of which has a forked tongue just for reasons of effectiveness, to spread lies and misinformation more effectively.
    She is just that: an old Zulu witch – who likes to dream and interpret her dreams to her best advantage and total submission of her followers and then claim “it’s a gift of the Holy Spirit”, for the best of her underlings!
    Then Jabulani, ever so bold. He makes great emphasis on one of THE big “proofs” that no one but God can be behind KSB: The feeding of thousands at the children services! Oh yes, of course – have we forgotten so easily: “Feeding of thousands” – some 2 thousand years ago (with a few fish and a little bred, but better not mention that profound difference 😉 ). “feeding of thousands” – at KSB, once again – wow, what a marvel, Jabulane! What a profound observation you just made! DO you really want to know how this widely proclaimed “miracle” is possible? Take a bit of small change from the millions that accrue at the mission from the business empire – and buy some wholesale rice and cheap brown bread etc….(Anyway, scripture tells us that there will be people in hell who did much more than just feed a few thousand for a week as they thought “in the name of the Lord”) Admittedly you may not be able to send off quite as stuffed-with-cash-bags as you are used to – but then, I am sure your “Moses Ndlela” won’t mind too much if there is a bit of a delay in finance for his next smart car or new mansion. Such a conman will gracefully understand and accommodate as need dictates.
    But then, the two Dubes, why don’t you mention the ag so nice stories of how you “helped the Dutch Queen” (or was it maybe only a little princess, like the Dubes only seem to have a tiny bit of “royal blood”?)
    Yes, Jabulani – you mention that Friedel made your father and family rich. You should have mentioned that when you kicked him out! Now you put on the spin that nasty old Friedel went to Europe to bring division – well, you kicked him out so who can blame him for going overseas to people who think highly of him! Ag Jabulani, your head is not thinking as clearly as you want your followers to believe and go to great length to prove! You didn’t even realize that your own sons play you well – when asked by you on which side they are, they didn’t answer but rather side step and speak about something else, as KSB and Erlo are so good at! – and mention that they are “busy doing business like the Dubes are known to do.” O ja, the Dubes’ integrity – what a nice thought indeed! What nice sons to have. Better watch yourself and mind your words when you have a radical father!

    Jabulane and his sister making a big fuss about Zulu culture etc. compared to “white” culture. Let him appear before old ZULUS like Barney Mabaso who see right through him. (And Lydia went to great lengths to discredit by having people spread lies and false testimonies about) It’s not just a matter of “white” and “Zulu” culture! There is deep division between ZULUS and many see through Jabulane and Lydia and testify to the fact that they are influenced by evil Zulu spirits!
    Let’s just remain here for a moment: There are ZULUS who testify to the fact, that many years ago there was a certain Thofozi Dube, sister of Jabulane Dube, (yes, THE Thofozi and THE Jabulane), who while some back at the main mission wondered where Lydia has disappeared to was seen for many weeks in the Tugela Ferry district, pregnant (not by the Holy Spirit I may add) and eventually highly pregnant until giving birth to a child that was given up for adoption immediately. It is ZULUS that confirm that, not “ignorant whites”. But of course – as they are so good at – no doubt today the Dubes will just deny everything and pretend to be the “wrongfully slandered” ones.

    Seems at the very end Jabulane said something he didn’t want Marius to translate. Anyone care to translate that for the wider public? Koos? Trevor? A Zulu reader?

    Poor Arno – you can just feel sorry for him. He is a total mess! And there is no way out – they ousted him, and now they demand he jump out of the plane so THEY can catch him – talking of finding yourself between the devil and a the deep blue sea. Well, it’s clear: he would always be at their mercy, they are in control now! Erlo decided himself to become a slave of the traditional Zulus and their ultimately demonic evil spirits. Now they want Arno at the same place! So that they can tell him where to put his signature….

    Sarcasm intended! Unfortunately some of the “sarcasm” is all too true and factual…

    PS:Look at youtube: Jannie le Roux Testimony, posted by “KSB in their own words”
    Mama Dube on Thofozi


    1. Jabulani claimed that the only money that his sister was involved in procuring from the mission was to aid Jan de Bruin in paying for his flat in the Cederberg (spelling?) which was being repossessed and Jan would have nowhere to stay when in the Netherlands. He then claimed that he did not want this to be interpreted into English as Jan’s son may have been in the meeting. (None of this is completely accurate, of course.)

      Concerning Dr Peet Botha, Ms Dube stated that she received complaints from people that their sins were being published on the internet, to which she responded that it was Peet Botha who did that, but he was no longer with them as he had been expelled from KSB while in America, and he then became a horned devil as a result (referring to his ensuing accusations).

      The given reason for Ms Dube’s speech is complex and not provided linearly by her. She says (not in this order) that, according to custom, issues must first be dealt with within the church, thereafter, they can be escalated to the traditional system. Tradition does not allow a younger person to attack an older person, and the eldest sibling is sent to do it. She claims to have done this (e.g. she sent Jabulani to face Friedel, although I am certain that Jabulani is her junior). Thereafter, it gets escalated to a specific traditional protocol; from the authorities (which she calls the police) to the headman (“induna”) and thereafter to the chief (“inkosi”). Jabulani then elaborates that matters can then be escalated to his majesty (“ingonyama”, which means lion or national king).
      She says that two days before ascension day she received the “go ahead” from people who she later calls “relatives”. At first, she does not mention that it was specifically relatives, but then later uses the English word, implying that, after following the protocol, the Dube chieftainship had allowed her to follow the course of customary law by publicly addressing the allegations. This she describes by saying that white people should not be startled by what she is doing as Zulu people, when there are accusations against them, react in this manner in order to reveal what is right, hence her appearance on ascension day to clear her name.
      Clearly, she goes to painstaking lengths to excuse her actions and justify her appearance.

      Arno’s semantic predicament: Ms Dube mentions that, at her 9AM meeting with Erlo and Arno which she claims was convened by Erlo in order for her to answer for her and her brother having expelled Arno from the mission, she insisted that Arno’s wife be present. Arno had accused her to Erlo of expelling him, which he later denied and told Erlo that he had misunderstood him. Arno’s wife then mentioned that Arno had already taken the decision to leave the mission while they were in Franschhoek.
      Jabulani then claims the following: Dirk (Combrinck) revealed a letter to them and insisted they take immediate action. The letter was written by a co-worker, revealing Friedel, Arno and Ralf’s plan to leave the mission. By the time that Arno was confronted by the co-workers, Friedel and Ralf had already left. Jabulani then states that there was a misunderstanding on Arno’s part during the meeting. He asked Arno, what is keeping you at the mission since you have said you are leaving? Jabulani claims that Arno misunderstood him to mean, what do you want here at the mission? (meaning, you are not supposed to be here). He says the difference was in the use of the word “pho” which means he was asking a question and not making a statement. This is the reason why Arno went to Erlo and told him that Jabulani had told him to leave.

      Esther Marloth is accused by Ms Dube of having spread the rumour that Thofozi has a list of satanist who work for her. This has nothing to do with the list of people accused of being satanists in the witch hunt.

      Ms Dube states that the Europeans like to spread rumours. For this reason they will be cursed, along with their descendants. She warns anyone in the congregation who has relatives in Europe to immediately cut themselves off from them so as not to partake in their curse.

      It should be noted that Jabulani very cunningly calls Arno’s bluff. He throws down the gauntlet to Arno and says that if he is truly repentant he should do what Alphaeus Mdlalose and Stella Hlongwane had done (presumably after the 2015 co-workers’ apology), and campaign Europe on their behalf, rallying the branches back to the RSA cause. He mentions that Arno had already been made this offer, and even suggested that he be accompanied by Dietmar Joosten. Somehow, the European branches had gotten wind of this, and they warned that they would have Dietmar arrested should he set foot in Europe. However, the offer still stands, and they want to know what is Arno still doing in South Africa, and why he will not make his allegiance clear.


  4. .. and that all without Erlo Stegen, while he is that healthy!! Looks like he would be in the way somehow. People, that’s high time to install a healthy leadership here!
    Greetings from Germany



    It is purported that on his fateful trip to India, Kjell Olsen warned his companion that KSB was in danger of becoming a sect. This sermon could be a sermon, but to someone paranoid, it is a metaphor about the reality of the KSB status quo. Knowing what you know now about Ms Dube and her cohorts, can you imagine her listening to this and not marking Kjell Olsen as an enemy? Unfortunately, Mr Olsen made the same mistake that most KSB members make; the assumption that “the revival” came from heaven.


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