Open letter 3

The silent diplomacy or savoir-faire of some brethren is truly amazing! It is as helpful as a watchdog sleeping while the burglar empties the victim’s house. The watchmen on the walls who are supposed to blow the warning trumpets are quiet whilst Satan is carrying off the “pearls” of God at Mission Kwasizabantu in South Africa.

Rev. Erlo Stegen’s letter, dated 25th May 2019 (see below), and read in the KSB congregations on Sunday 26th May, has reference. Also brethren, your letter dated round 14th April 2019 read to the congregations in Europe and read at a coworkers’ meeting at KSB RSA thereafter has reference and also the subsequent letter rev. Erlo Stegen has written in response to your letter has further reference.

My letter is specifically addressed to the following people: uncle Friedel, Arno Stegen, Jurg Laderach, Didier Schott, Georg Grau, Othmar Vosser, Paul van Straten, Klaus Alius, Michel Hege, Daniel Schobben, Jan Willem Mout, Andre Maghakian and Michael Muller. In writing to you openly brethren, I will touch on a few matters that are common knowledge. By this I mean it is no secret or hidden information that I am giving out to the multitudes that visit my blog. Whilst you are silent on what you are doing, whilst you give no reasons for your actions, and whilst you are silent on the hidden atrocities at Mission Kwasizabantu, many people are suffering inexpressible misery at the hands of the new leadership at Mission Kwasizabantu.

You may be “saving KSB Europe” but your mother, “KSB SA”, has turned into a harlot disregarding her very own offspring! Read my latest essay “The Missionary and Satanism” published on my blog for a glimpse of what is going on at KSB at the moment. Indeed one can respect rev. Erlo Stegen for his boldness to address you openly whilst you practice your silent diplomacy. And make no mistake, reverend Erlo Stegen is adamant he is the author of the letter read in the congregations. But to being forced to choose between the two brothers and leaders at the Mission rather than between Christ and Satan is so-to-say to be in the same situation as the Shembe church leadership struggle where members were forced to choose between brothers and the worldly court had to settle the dispute!

I think certain things are now common knowledge:

  • Uncle Friedel is finally and decisively shunned. I remember when I first wrote about this in 2018 how I was made out as a liar. Jan de Bruyn was the first to tell me about the split between the Mission and uncle Friedel in August 2018, and that there were two factions at KSB. He later denied that he said so and in tears said how much he loved and respected uncle Friedel. When I asked Thofozi about it she would not answer me. In the subsequent coworkers’ meetings it was denied and made out to be a lie. Now, with the letter written by rev. Erlo Stegen, the truth that I brought to the light at that time, is vindicated.
  • The break between Europe and Mission Kwasizabantu is final. Trust is the basis of any sound relationship. The Missions’ leaders only trust their very own dedicated supporters. The few, represented by the new leadership at KSB are the only trustworthy ones. It is quite a lesson the European leaders have had to learn. They have asked for clarity concerning certain things and answers to their questions have been denied to this day.
  • A sure sign of this divide between KSB Europe and KSB South Africa is the fact that all references to KSB have been removed from most European websites and congregations. It is understood that Europe will no longer subscribe to KSB or DSS. So who are you at the moment then? What do you belief? What do you teach? Have you got a name? Tell us then!
  • No public statement had been forthcoming from the leaders in Europe or Australia. There is a growing uncertainty among the brethren in Europe as well as the European brethren working and living at KSB South Africa. This is caused by the lack of communication from the European leadership. They are simply practicing the same modus operandi, the need to know principle, as done at KSB. It will eventually proof fatal to the branches in Europe as it did at KSB SA. The church, the congregations of God, is a living “organism” and cannot survive the clinical corporate strategies of the business world where the executives run the show. Jabulane Dube, endorsing this truth, in a coworkers meeting told Arno Stegen not to treat them in a “business-like” manner.
  • The “wrongs” so prevalent at KSB are still very much hidden and not in the public congregational domain. I warn you brethren that the can of worms will be opened up by the “world” and you will be shamed at the cost of Jesus Christ for your lack of zeal to give account for the covert actions of KSB SA. KSB as a whole will not survive the humiliation by the worldly authorities when this happens.
  • The stories of king David and the prophet Nathan or king Saul and the prophet Samuel should be a timely reminder now that God will not cover the atrocities of His people where wrongs are supposedly done for the good of His name. There are a few “king David’s and king Saul’s” currently walking around at KSB hiding their own sin as well as the sin done in the name of God’s church supposedly to His honor and glory. They should not blame others when God raises prophets to reveal the sins being kept under the “blanket of silence!”
  • Uncle Friedel, Arno Stegen, and the European leaders should speak the truth and denounce the sin(s) by name. Brothers, you are standing in the pulpits of God’s churches on Sundays proclaiming the Truth and yet you too hide away the untruths, lies and evil practices done at KSB SA as well as within your own leadership circles. How ought people in the congregations have faith and trust in you and believe what you preach when you are keeping silent about the false things being done and hidden in the name of God. Through your silence you are destroying the legitimacy and soundness of faith in Jesus Christ and turn believers into agnostics and doubters. You are keeping an evil system in place to the detriment of many suffering at the hands of the current unrepentant leadership at KSB SA.
  • The leadership of Europe took a stand in April 2019 based on their experiences at the hands of the current leadership during their visit September 2018. Since then there had been no word forthcoming concerning all that has been done, said and expired at KSB SA September 2018. You, the leaders in Europe, had been so preoccupied with the aspects of your legal divorce from KSB SA that the real-time spiritual, physical and emotional suffering of people at the hands of the designate leadership at KSB SA are ignored. One truly wants to call out to you, “To hell with all your buildings, names and legal processes! The lives of people are at stake and even more; the very Gospel of Jesus Christ is at stake. Do you not see?”
  • The “bodies” of those who are excommunicated from KSB SA are strewn around for all to see. The likes of uncle Friedel and aunt Rita, uncle Martin and aunt Nora and the many coworkers struggling in the death throws of doubt and agnosticism. Don’t turn them into martyrs, for such are they not! The real martyrs are the multitude of faceless believers in the pews on Sundays whose faith are being destroyed by a selfish and self-centered leadership who have sinned and are not prepared to tear there garments and expose their bosom (soul) in sorrowful repentance and confession!
  • The pulpits are used, compare the sermons of Dietmar Joosten and Albu van Eeden preached on Sunday 26 May, to justify what is happening at KSB and to speak out against others who are calling the current leadership at KSB to accountability. In cult-like arrogance the current leaderships are shedding congregations, coworkers, brethren and members across the board proclaiming themselves only to belong to an only faithful remnant living the Word of God.
  • Why should people be forced to choose between Erlo Stegen and Friedel Stegen as is now required at KSB SA? The unknown and hidden filth is the cause of this because the current leadership is up to the height of their heads involved in keeping the filth hidden from the eyes and ears of God’s people. Healing will not come unless the filth is exposed and all together with Erlo Stegen and Friedel Stegen kneel in deep contrition before the living God who has granted this work to all many years ago.

This letter is a call to uncle Friedel, Arno, the European leaders and those in South Africa with knowledge about the covert deeds to once and for all and with urgency break their silence and expose all that is dividing us as a church of Jesus Christ. Think, brethren, about the souls being destroyed through all of this mayhem at KSB SA.

Perhaps your hearts are so hardened that you no longer consider the fact that God will require the blood of the innocent from our hands!

I beg you, for God’s sake, come clean on these matters now!

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  1. Jan de Bruyn was the first to tell me about the split between the Mission and uncle Friedel in August 2019, and that there were two factions at KSB. –

    the year was probably 2018 not 2019. Hope you can still rectify this.


  2. Dear Europeans

    “It is quite a lesson the European leaders have had to learn.”
    It’s the same lesson you, the European leaders, yourselves have been teaching.
    The lesson being: `Your worth goes only as far as you bow`.

    I presume the question every unbiblically excommunicated congregant asks you now: Why didn’t you just bow? Why doesn’t Onkel Friedel bow? Just bow!
    This has been your exclusive demand put forward, the only “solution”, so typical for KSB.
    So now: Why don´t you just bow?

    Mark the irony: You never desired not to bow. However you are now in the position where you are not allowed to bow. You simply lost any chance to ever call yourselves ksb.
    Maybe by own experience you finally understand: Where there is no desire for TRUTH, there is no desire for communication either. You refused to listen out the other sides, your judgements firmly set. Now you didn’t get a friendly ear yourselves.

    Many whom you threw out of your churches had bent their knees before you demanded them to bow. Recognise that this was the reason they didn’t bow to you. They wouldn’t compromise their conscience nor their walk with the Lord because you demanded to bow to lies.

    Bow … to WHOM? … to WHAT?
    We only have two knees to bow, yielding our allegiance. We either bow down before God Almighty, the Lord of Lords, or before men, be it my own self or other mortals. The question remains: To what authority are you going to bow in future?
    If God pushes you out of the influence of prideful deception without you having to work for it, then make the most of the opportunity!

    One day every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is LORD.
    You can’t bow to the Lord while keeping your idols in place! The moment you desecrate your idols bowing to the Lord who is the only one deserving the title you will have the peace of the Father flowing, giving you peaceful sleep once again.
    Then expect the blessings to overtake you as in Isaih 30.

    I pray that there will come by grace a renewal of the mind so you never again will teach lessons of this type to your congregations. Since now you are led out from under an authority that demands more honour than it is prepared to give (which leads to a misuse of authority), you decide to become an authority that acknowledges the worth of a person as the pure gospel does.

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    1. .. to build a congregation on the right foundation means to deal with the past also. You will experience the help of the Allmighty to put everything to the light in a healthy way, though it’s not easy. But never try to carry on like before, that would lead to the same mess again. We pray for you.

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  3. Yes, that’s so true. Be aware: The Lord God himself will help you to form a congregation according to his will as according to the scripture. Do never try to compromize that; you would have to fight your own battle without god! I have good hope for everybody who is sincere; be sure, god himself stands for you as well as thousands of christians around the whole world!
    God bless you.


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