Essay 4

I have added Essay 4 under the title – The missionary and God’s Word.

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  1. I beg to differ on the last point: I believe it is in the DEVIL’s best interest, that the status quo at KSB continues as it is now! It’s of much more use to the devil, he prefers it if the light of God DOESN’T become the dominant force, CAN’T dispel the darkness, DOESN’t bring clarity into the quagmire which is KSB. I strongly believe, if anyone is about to “tip the balance”, if anyone is about to “make everything pummel into what would appear to be the abyss” – it is no one else but God himself! I prayed for years for that to happen! So did many others! God’s judgment brought on a work of the devil is not something we have to try and stem! It can be a difficult thing to learn – to step aside and keep praying the Lord’s prayer: THY will be done – I won’t stand in the way, won’t try and hinder it, no matter what! Even if “my beloved Kwa Sizabantu” (I hope the time is close, when you stop referring to them in such endearing terms!) is smashed to pieces in front of the whole world, for everyone to see!
    And this leads me to another point I still wanted to make:

    The ONE real and dominant reason, why KSB succeeded and became so strong, are people like at one stage you and me, people who bought their lies of superior spirituality etc. and backed them, if unwittingly! KSB largely relied on finding followers who where backing their delusional self images etc, people who put aside proper procedures of “testing everything” and rather swapped it with: believing everything they were told. People who were eager to please and follow God, to “give everything for God and God’s work”. And as such they became the cement that kept everything together, helped the leaders to function and increase their power base.
    To put it straight: Erlo Stegen is an “extremely devilish” man! He had NOTHING to do with GOD’S work and spreading TRUTH – not since 1966! – but was and is a coworker of the devil, causing confusion, bringing division not brought about by God the Spirit, a spiritual charlatan who needs to be EXPOSED AT ANY PRICE so that the spiritual deception for which KSB stands gets exposed “no holds barred”. The devil most certainly doesn’t want that to happen! Erlo and his followers are one of the biggest assets he happens to have…..If anything, the devil must be ravingly mad about Lydia’s blatant stupidity that endangers HIS (the devil’s!) “beloved Kwa Sizabantu Mission”. Because she came up with the most hare brained lies anyone can easily detect as such….


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