Lies! Lies! Lies! Lies!

Sometimes I just sit back and contemplate the situation at our beloved Mission. Then, at times, I am simply overcome by what I have seen and experienced. Allow me to highlight just two things.

The leaders at Mission Kwasizabantu have lied deliberately, intentionally and without remorse to the Church of Jesus Christ! In fact they have lied to the head of the church, Jesus Christ! Secondly, the coworkers have been supporting the liars without calling them to repentance and admonishing the leaders to confess, tell the truth and make restitution. The magnitude of the implication of these two things leaves one in total and perplexing spiritual bewilderment. One cannot comprehend that spiritual leaders who have preached and spoken to multitudes are capable of lying to the church of Jesus Christ. Furthermore, it is unfathomable to say the least, to even imagine that those who have been entrusted with the souls of God’s people can fall into such shocking conduct and even as if without a godly conscience cover up the sin to the detriment of God’s Word and the so called 1966 revival. What an utter shame! It is true; not the world but the Christians themselves destroy God’s Name in this world and make Him the laughing stock of the liberal and heathen alike!

The leaders at the Mission need to understand and acknowledge they have become undone (Isa. 6:5). This is a favourite verse that uncle Erlo loved to preach about. So did others. They need to realize they are sick and need a Physician (Luke 5:3). They should confess their sin openly as they have sinned openly and lied openly as a group (Num.5: 5; Prov. 28:13). The Word has to produce a deep hatred for sin (Psa. 97:10). But this is all old news is it not? Why have they gone against it? Why did they deny and are they perpetually denying the very substance of the Word preached to the congregations of KSB? Why focus on the “sin” of uncle Friedel when the Bible teaches that your own sin is the deciding factor. Unless of course they are hiding there beloved “money” sin behind the denial and silence thereof and the persecution of others calling them out. Surely, the KSB preachers who claim to be expositors of God’s Word must be able to see their sin as even so many others have exposed it to them. But perhaps the “teaching of Balaam” and the “spirit of Jezebel” have become so entrenched in their hearts that they can neither hear nor see their own sin and carry many others with them into the abyss of destruction. The great enigma of course is the regulated silence and covert effort of the European leaders in this matter. Whilst they try to solve this below the surface the leaders at KSB RSA comprehensively and decisively alienate them. It is indeed pitiful to see how they struggle, as do many hundreds of coworkers and congregants, to find a sure footing to repudiate what is happening.

There is no acknowledged human leader above the leadership of KSB left to call them to repentance for they have all utterly lied, from the top down! The only authority left above them is Jesus Christ the Lord, and even He, with all great respect due to Him, seems helpless to get them to confess their sin as they have hardened their hearts beyond the prompting of God the Holy Spirit. Their lies include inter alia the following to cover the embezzlement of millions of Rands. They said:

  • That the Dutch queen will refund the millions of misappropriated funds as it was used to return in secret the bodies of murdered Dutch subjects to the Netherlands;
  • That 24 Dutch murdered workers were recovered from a sunken container in the Zambezi River and the Dutch government requested KSB to be involved;
  • That 28 security personnel were killed along the N3 when on their way to Mission Kwasizabantu to escort Thofosi to Johannesburg to meet with a judge Joffe;
  • That the embezzled funds were needed to support a politician who did something wrong;
  • That the money was used to pay the bail application costs of umpakhathi individuals who came for help to the Mission;
  • That the money was used to invest in a hedge fund to obtain greater profits than usual;
  • That uncle Friedel is against uncle Erlo and Mission Kwasizabantu;
  • That uncle Friedel is the cause that Europe is breaking away from Mission Kwasizabantu South Africa;
  • That the millions of Rands are given to judge Joffe to prosecute then president Zuma in the International Criminal Court in The Hague;
  • That there is nothing medically wrong with uncle Erlo. He is perfectly normal, capable and preaching the same as in the beginning of the 1966 revival;
  • That the revival now is stronger than the 1966 revival with more souls coming to the Lord, more healings, more miracles and wonders taking place;
  • Doing and saying what uncle Erlo said and then denying that it had been said even when a recording is produced.
  • The trip to the Netherlands to see the Dutch queen.

Well, what more can one say? Where are the brothers and sisters who will speak out with me that “enough is enough?” Where are the leaders who have stood before the KSB congregations and taught them God’s Word, repudiated them in the name of God, chastised them under the guidance of God the Holy Spirit and counseled them in the wisdom of God’s Word? And now these leaders can’t even stand up openly and publicly to the lies and atrocities of their colleagues!

What a shame!

May God in His love have mercy on us all. What a disappointment must we, His servants, be to Him.

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