Apologetics (from Greek ἀπολογία, “speaking in defense”) is the religious discipline of defending religious doctrines through systematic argumentation and discourse. Early Christian writers (c. 120–220) who defended their beliefs against critics and recommended their faith to outsiders were called Christian apologists.

Apologetics is a great void at KSB. They have not one apologetic to defend what they believe. Therefore anyone who criticizes the KSB way and doctrine is mercilessly hunted and jubilantly “shot” down into hell’s flames. In the past month or two I have been condemned to hell, we have been threatened with violence and even received a death threat. I have been told to stop my nonsense, to stop writing against the Mission, that I am disrespectful to my Christian brothers at KSB, that what I write against the brothers at KSB is disgusting and that my attitude to the Mission’s leaders is disrespectful and false. I have been taken to task in Sunday Sermons, by phone, emails, WhattsApp messages, text messages, directly and indirectly through gossip. I have been told to leave everything to God who will defend Himself. However, whilst I have been attacked in my person, not one of the issues others and I have brought into the open has been addressed.

But, you are barking up the wrong tree brethren! I am not worthy of all your effort to discredit me. I am but a sinner dependent on Christ’s mercy as much as you are. I am but one voice speaking out against you at KSB. And instead of attacking others and me you should rather try and defend your teachings, doctrines and conduct. Or at least try to defend your sin. Speak the truth! There is no attack on you personally, don’t you see and understand! The apostle Paul did not keep quiet but spoke out against the atrocities of his brothers in Christ in Corinth, Galatia and Colossae! Paul even names the brothers and sisters by name. Peter, in Acts, did not spare the brothers and sisters in Christ as he declared their sins openly during a church service. Jude does not beat about the bush either, does he? Then what on earth makes you brethren at KSB so special that no one dare speak out against your atrocities? When Paul and others went to the apostles (Acts 15), the apostles and the Holy Spirit granted them counsel. Should you not have done the same when the brethren from Europe came to speak their heart to you rather than dishonoring their effort as being against uncle Erlo and the Revival? Actually, they have expressed concerns only about you, the current “management” group!

I spoke against your conduct and skewed doctrine – you shunned me!

Uncle Friedel confronted you through his silence – you shunned him!

The European leaders have in great effort spoken and written to you – you have shunned them!

I have quoted the Word of God (Corinthians, Galatians, Jude) to you – you shunned the Word of God too.

Be aware! Perhaps, you are not far from showing the Lord Jesus the door also!

During last Thursday’s meeting at KSB, if all the disclosures from the meeting are to believed, you painstakingly attacked uncle Friedel and the brothers in Europe as being against uncle Erlo and the Revival. Strange how you may attack other brothers and sisters, even mistreat a father of the Mission, but would not grant the same privilege to others to criticize yourselves at KSB RSA.

You regard yourselves to be filled with God the Spirit over and against those apposing you yet your conduct is so amazingly nonspiritual and unbiblical.

Does it not say something to you when brothers and sisters who have been with you for up to 45 years leave KSB not to return?

I say all of this to shame you. Is it possible that there is nobody among you wise enough to discern what you are doing to KSB?

Now, my dear brothers and sisters at KSB let us recognize the real problem causing the current havoc at the Mission. You are not living up to the standard you have set to others as to be the biblical, holy and godly standards for all followers of Christ. You as leaders of the Mission, coworkers and preachers of God’s Gospel of Jesus Christ have been lying to the church. You have misappropriated millions of Rands of God’s money, you have covered the most heinous sexual misconduct of coworkers and kept them in their positions, you have taken care of yourselves at the cost of God’s people financially and you have oppressed God’s people through context driven theology rather than applying God’s Word diligently to all in the Spirit.

Above all, you are no less than the Pharisees and Scribes who stood against the Lord Jesus when He walked this earth. You proclaim the form of godliness, but the Power thereof, you have denied, as you have become the power and the glory of KSB yourselves and has shunned everyone who warns you of your ungodly conduct and attitude.

“The one who conceals his sins will not prosper, but whoever confesses and renounces them will find mercy.” (Proverbs 28:13. CSB)

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