Living at Mission Kwasizabantu – 1994 – 2018.

I have added my third essay.

I am looking back at the time being at KSB and the things that occurred that influenced my spiritual walk with God. The “cross roads and circumstances” that impacted my walk to spiritual maturity.

God is good. We just have to remember that truth in all facets of our lives.

One thought on “Living at Mission Kwasizabantu – 1994 – 2018.

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  1. These days I’m reminded of their curses about me 20 years ago. How often have they, Erlo and Friedel and others, cursed me, called me a servant of Satan, an enemy of God and so on. Because we asked questions, inconvenient questions. They cursed me especially wherever they preached in Europe. Not a single one of the Europeans, over 1000 people after all, stood up and stopped their goings-on – they agreed. Because they could and can do that well: to massacre others they only have the breath of another opinion. But: Their curses were in vain and they now return to themselves. Their curses were the last proof for me and many others that they were on the wrong path. Poor guys, they tried to be the kings, now they are old men and their buildings are collapsing! Bungled lives full of dictatorship, totally abstruse rules, spiritual fraud, criminal financial adventures and abuse in countless cases. If Jesus would judge them with their laws – they would end up in hell. They were Men without any sense of responsibility. Does not Friedel gets what he deserves? Now they call him „enemy of God“ even though he actually did something right! Sorry to say: They have bad characters! Arno said nothing, he was silent, he remained traitorously silent when they beat his father up the day before yesterday in the big hall. And you will see, he will make compromises with Tofosi and the others. They all have no character because they were trained like dogs to get involved in the Kwasizabantu business. – Now the revival movement Kwasizbantu becomes a detective novel. I will read it with interest.


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