Chapter 10 added

I have added chapter 10.

My heart is so to say empty. What remains now to be done is that I will collect the testimonies of people who wants to share their story! Do you want to add your story to my blog? You are welcome. There are only two prerequisites. Firstly I don’t want you to use a false name, pseudonym or nick name. We take a stand for the truth and we speak things as we experienced it. Tell it as it is. We have names and we use it. People know us by our names. We speak the truth and we stand by what we write as being the truth. If you have a story to tell, write it down and send it to me. Secondly, let us keep it down to five pages. If it is much longer break it up into parts and we will share it all.

I want to thank all who write to me. I cherish you for taking the time to write to me. Oh, may God bless you all!

Use this email address to send your story to me:

One thought on “Chapter 10 added

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  1. I cannot write down everything I think about after reading your book until now.
    Just a few points.
    1. I wonder how airy one can bestow a title „Man of God“ upon someone. I don’t have any doubt , that God is among the Zulus and even in KSB – but as we know, he is everywhere. The question with KSB is: what exceeded more, KSB’s lane of destruktion or its lane of blessing? One only has to be aware of a number: How many people are „in“ KSB and how many left it? I would say, that 5 % are still in – and 95 % of all who had to do with it are out. Many oft hem deeply wounded, disaffected, broken, brought to be spiritual, sometimes even physical cripples.If one calls people „Man of God“, who are responsible for such a total loss, then it is just because he does not want so see what really happened. In the surroundings of a „Man of God“ people will get healed – not ruined. These so called “Men of God” are no “Men of God”.
    2. The story about Thofosi and her strange meeting with Jesus. The only one who can believe it is someone who wants to believe it. But if you read the naive book from Dr. Kurt Koch you immediately can recognize, that the story cannot be true. Nothing of it fits together with the gospel, nothing of it has to do onything with Him, His mercy, His grace and His holyness. It is actually like this:The story is fake, just a neat story to make history in the surroundings, an advertisement for Thofosi herself, an act of self-promotion. They where thankful for such a story, they needed such story – to get the Zulus to their place. Not one word of her story is true, it is just a lie. Why does someone believe in such a nonsense? – By the way: Does someone honestly think, that the first resurrection after Jesus’resurrection will end in naiv stories that oppose the gospel and the self-kidnapping by the revived? No, who believes that is a self-deceiving fool and hasn’t a clue about Jesus.
    3. Money is always a special theme in KSB. Does someone remember the scandal with the diamond-mine? Has a mission to do anything with diamond-mines? No one woke up that time – but when all the millions of german marks and swiss francs were lost and no one could exhibit an accoutancy at least some Europeans woke up. All forgotten? All forgotten that never ever the millions of marks, francs and euros were registered which they transported to – yes, where to? To their own swiss bank accounts? Or to Australia to buy property? To buy houses in Switserland and Italy? Nobody knows, only the so called „Men of God“ knew! If missionarys get millions and millions – don’t they like bookkeeping? Don’t „Men of God“ like bookkeeping? I request the so called „Men of God“: Where has all the money gone? And now – troubles with money-bags again! I once asked Erlo in 1998 – four other brethren where witnesses – about that much-money-business, he didn’t say one word to ist. Sound of silence! I forced him to give answer – there was no answer. Erlo knew: We were on the right track! So ist was better to be silent!

    „Men of God“? Fridedel carried the money in suitcases away from Germany without bookkeeping. When we asked about, his adjudands from France, Switzerland, Germany and South-Afrika blared that we have to trust the „Man of God“ blindly. What a curious argument: Everybody was completely controlled by councelling, but a normal controll over all the donations in sums of millions was forbidden . Do „Men of God“ behave like that? Friedel manipulated People who wanted to marry – he sorted the people together as he wanted it. He played to be God! – Arno a „Man of God“? Someone who still in the age of more than 30 years was asking his „Papa“ for the smallest details of his duties and responsibilites? Asking via cellphone if he shall put the storage rack in the Spar-shop from that to the aother side? An absolute dependent person , basted as child , spiritually and physicaly mistreated? „Man of God“ – successor of Erlo? Even in the catholic church the job of a pope isn’t the matter of a family. But in KSB! Because KSB at first is a company, then again a company and at third a company. The so called revival is a company. The mission, it is established enough, at first is a business. The cult, the Zulu culture, the missused gospel are are a means to an end.

    It is sad to come to that conclusion. But there is no other possibility to state it as that.
    We who left in the end of the 90th, were healed, grew spiritually and were driven into His wonderful freedom. Exept those who never could trust the Lord again because of their experience of abuse – everything done in the name of the Lord. To them I can pass on an advice a Christian in Germany gave me after I turned my back from KSB: “You were embossed this way for years – now you must have an embossment which leads you to the true gospel for at least many years..

    Let me greet every reader of your book and this blog with a knowledge from Martin Luther, my dear german compatriot (I hope the translation will be right):

    Martin Luther:
    What should be my faith

    It’s because of me so far
    innate malice and weakness
    to meet the demands of God.

    If I can not believe
    that God wants me for Christ’s sake
    forgive this every day
    that’s the end of it with me.
    I have to despair.
    But I’ll leave it that way.

    How Judas hang on the tree,
    I do not do that.
    I hang myself by the neck
    or foot of Christ as the sinner.
    If I’m even worse than this,
    I hold my master.

    Then he speaks to the father:
    This tag must also be through.
    It did not work
    and transgress all your commandments.

    Father, but he hangs on me.
    What’s up? I died for him.
    Let him slip through.

    That should be my belief.


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