Open letter

To the Leadership and Coworkers of Mission Kwasizabantu.

Saturday 16 March 2019

My dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I have been with you and among you for 32 years. I know you well. I am writing this letter to you in all humbleness, praying that you would consider it prayerfully. I have tried to speak to you for many a time but you would not. Now I am pleading openly for someone else and the sake of KSB. Listen to me please!

With reference to the court case of Daan van Tonder I would like to plead with you to reconsider what you are doing. I am moved to do this because of Galatians 6:1-2: 1Brethren, even if anyone is caught in any trespass, you who are spiritual, restore such a one in a spirit of gentleness; each one looking to yourself, so that you too will not be tempted. 2Bear one another’s burdens, and thereby fulfill the law of Christ.(NASB)

In our context, the court case against Daan, is out of place for who we are in Christ Jesus. You all know that similar and much worse cases have been treated differently in the light of the above Scripture in the past at KSB and never were such cases brought before secular courts. Then why are you doing this now brethren? Brethren, have you been deceived by Satan to forgo the Word of God? Have your hearts being filled with malice, wickedness, and malevolence to the point that you can’t abide in the Spirit and the Word any longer? Is there then no God at KSB?

You have increasingly hardened your hearts at the voices admonishing you. You have increasingly chosen to follow the ways of the world over and against the Word of God. More and more you exhibit signs that you are losing your first love, tolerating persons filled with the spirit of Jezebel and tolerating also those who are living in sin.

The court case and subsequent exposure to the media and TV and looming possible involvements by SARS and the HAWKS will destroy KSB. I earnestly advise you:

  • I am prepared to withdraw all my writings, if you as KSB will withdraw the court case against Daan;
  • Together we submit to an independent Christian Legal and Spiritual Counsel to investigate and report on all matters currently at hand;
  • Together we undertake to implement and abide by all remedial measures put forth by such counsel;
  • We undertake to have this process done at a venue where openness and transparency is guaranteed;
  • We all undertake to humble ourselves before the church of God, to confess our sins and wrongs as revealed, to forsake our sins, to plead forgiveness, make restitution and live repentant lives.

I plead with you brethren; let us seek a way forward in which God’s church and work is protected.

Dr Peet Botha

3 thoughts on “Open letter

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  1. Thank you for Chapter 8. And this “small revelation” here. However, I think you are mistaken in one thing: The corruption, cover ups etc. have GONE ON FOR DECADES! God doesn’t hate anything as much as corrupt church leaders and people who add or take off from what He commanded us to do! You are still defending KSB as if “there is a remedial measure” that can be taken! Scripture says that if someone has been warned 2 or 3 times – leave him alone… (freely quoted). Erlo and his cohorts. have been warned decades ago and ever since and NEVER LISTENED! Their consciences have been totally blunted! Are none existent really, subservient to their own needs and desires and theirs only! What you are trying to do is negotiate a deal with the devil! DON’T TRY AND INTERFERE WITH WHAT MIGHT WELL BE GOD’S JUDGMENT ON A VERY EVIL PLACE! THERE IS NO REMEDY!
    As Erlo preached himself many years ago: If God keeps quiet after wrong was done – referring to the story in the Bible where the Amalekites opposed Israel after they left Egypt and only MANY years later under the leadership of Samuel and Saul God “suddenly remembered” and asked for total annihilation – the longer he waits, the more severe the judgment will be….(remember: another example of Erlo “preaching the right sermon” but not being aware he speaks about himself!) For more than 50 years Erlo was running his circus, not ever listening to any warnings! He was warned in 1966 and ever since – ERLO STEGEN IS ONE OF THE WORST FALSE PROPHETS THIS COUNTRY HAS EVER SEEN! He is a case for a mental institution let lose on innocent followers! HE IS BUT IN FOR THE MOST SEVERE PUNISHMENTS! Many cults and sects go on indefinitely – sometimes God intervenes in extraordinary ways. If He does so in the case of KSB – THEN DON”T STAND IN HIS WAY! Myriads of people warned Erlo etc. – what makes you think you could be successful where everyone else has failed? He is set in his ways, NOT to listen! EVER!

    You call the floods of money they have “God’s blessing”. What if it is part of God’s plan to expose and punish them? What if it is a matter of “pride comes before the fall” – where he lets them go “higher and higher” – just so he can smash them more effectively?
    We are not talking a congregation where things went “a little wrong”! THEN there may be the option of remedial action! We are talking a dangerous cult where no attention was paid to any warnings since 1966! ERLO ALWAYS WENT HIS OWN WAYS, “DID IT HIS OWN WAY” under the pretense of “revival” and “being a true servant of God”! Under the pretense of being THE “purist”! GOD HATES NOTHING LIKE THAT – and by implication: GOD HATES NOTHING LIKE ERLO STEGEN! You expose a lot about KSB, but it seems to me you are still not at the point where you can really selflessly take stock before God alone as to the TRUE implications of some of your own conclusions you arrive at! How can you seriously consider negotiating with people you admit are total liars etc.? DON’T TRY TO NEGOTIATE WITH THE DEVIL! DON’T TRY TO CONVERT THE DEVIL!
    May God be merciful to you – and many a KSB follower who is caught up in a very corrupt and evil system! And may He guide us to the point where we can truly pray:: “THY WILL BE DONE ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN” – no strings attached, everything put just unconditionally onto the altar! No concerns about consequences – consequences and POSSIBLE consequences are His concern too! EVERYTHING HANDED OVER TO HIM!

    PS I don”t criticize you! You only, left KSB physically end of January! I commend you for “coming clean”! Your contribution, placed in the public domain, was and is in my opinion very important! It’s sober minded, “down to earth” analyses, in my opinion not triggered or ruled by hidden grudges. And that was “long overdue”.


  2. Dear Dr. Botha,
    as I can read, you are still a member of KSB – all what you write in your open letter is full with feelings of homesickness, sadness not to be at home in KSB anymore, one can nearly hear your cry not to belong to them in the future. And you offer the recipe to get you back there: You promise them to recall what you have written! Negotiations are your hope – and that makes clear, that you not really survey KSB, its methods and its leaders.
    Even when I sympathize with your writings I would call your offer a way of corruptibility. They shall do what you want – and you offer the price.
    You decided to bring light behind the curtain. So, do it! Don’t slip off the way. You have changed allegiance , so you are now indeptet to all the thousands who left KSB, wounded, disenchanted , badly hurt, sometimes fallen in a big hole. You decided whom to leave and whom to help with enlightenment. Now it is a question of your credibility.

    Let me say a short word twith regards to content.
    You report about 10 cases of sexual misdoings. You don’t mention one name. The reader cannot put a mosaic together without concrete facts. That appears as imaginative , one can believe it or not – as long as one misses the facts.
    It is the same effect, when you – as done in chapter 8 – mention a lot of names, Tofosi, Dietmar etc, and you call them all corrupt. Why do you call them corrupt across-the-board ? What have they done – concrete? I miss the conclusiveness. When there is an evidence bring it to the point: state the achievement, then you can mention the name.
    On the whole I absolute appreciate your blog and your book.
    An I pray, that your wounds will heal. May be, the Lord is here and there in KSB, but guaranteed he is outside KSB. He will not leave you when you don’t leave him.
    God bless you!


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