Thank You!

Thank you to all who respond to me with respect to the blog. I appreciate you all very much. My journey won’t be complete without you; neither would our healing be finalized without you. Thank you for all the advice, comments, encouragement, prayers and even admonishments, reproaches and attacks. Everything has a place and time in my life.

May God bless you!

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  1. Thank You for the blog, where truth, facts & the love of God for a dying world is portraid & brought forward with such great conviction, insight, such userfriendly format! If there is one thing that will set us free from deceit from whatsoever evil source, then its the Truth! Pontius Pilate asked Jesus, “What is truth?” , why would he have asked such a question? I believe it’s because he didn’t know the truth or he was trying to impress his audience or he was searching himself. Whatever the reason or whoever ask, “What is truth?” its a very good question, because this is what God expects of us each & every day, because if you know the truth, which , is Jesus Christ, then your search will become complete & you’ll be satisfied & the void in your soul would be filled with Jesus & everything good that flows from Him. His nature, His Character, His love, His honesty or truth, His beauty, His softness to sense, listen,hear & obey, etc. But if you don’t have that then you’re not free, but get yourself caught up in all kind of unrighteousness, because if you resist the truth, God gived you over & you read of exactly just that here in this blog. So take care that you live in truth & the Spirit of truth that will lead you into all wisdom & understanding. “YOU WILL KNOW THE TRUTH & THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE!” I pray Gods riches blessing on every word of this blog & the monisyry of Dr. Botha & his dear wife Andra, to keep them & strengthen them as they follow the Lord of truth & love.
    What an eye opener hadn’t this Book & blog been to so many readers, prayer warriors & intersessors.


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