Chapter 7 added.

I have added Chapter 7. Through the years invariably people, congregants and visitors, would reveal experiences in attitude and conduct they had at the Mission. In this chapter I try to highlight the underlying theology, religion and attitude that would be the cause of this. To me, the most gut-wrenching discovery was my own blindness and faith in all of this.

When one is prepared to face oneself in the light of the Word of God, falsehoods are revealed and Truth is victorious. I thank God for opening my eyes. Now, by writing what I see and understand, I pray, others would be prepared to recognize the trends at KSB as well.

There is one God, to Him belong all honor and glory!

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  1. Hi oom Peet this is Zama, Miss Xulu I was a student at CCE from 2007-2010 I graduated in 2011 March. Thank you soo much for writing this book, it is healing me and the other Zulu girls(who went to KSB) spiritually. During the 4 years I’ve spent there I’ve seen a lot of things that made me believe I’m never gonna see heaven should I die. I was spiritually hurt in a way that when I completed my degree I wanted nothing to do with church because of my experiences at KSB. I thought God was for white people.

    Thank you soo much!


  2. So revealing, your analysis of Erlo’s sermon at the ministers conference 2019! I noticed it years ago already: The well known psychological phenomenon applies often when Erlo preaches: Seeing your own mistakes and shortcomings in others! But not being aware of it!
    The story of the emperor’s invisible cloak revisited – at it’s worst! At times one may feel like laughing it’s so obvious – if it wasn’t far too serious to laugh about it.
    But the well known example applies as well of the preacher who always preaches strongly against pornography for example – because it is his own problem, he has a problem in that regard himself! It makes him feel better if he shouts against these evils, using strong expressions… So it no doubt goes back many years, to the days when Erlo for years “just shouted against sin” – it was pathetic, but made him feel better and made him feel to be a man of God – there can be no doubt, that then already he preached about his own shortcomings and those of his congregation….


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