Some clarification!

The style of my blog does not sit easy with everyone. That is understandable. Many who live and work at KSB see my writings as going against what they believe and trust as the truth. They seem to think that I am attacking uncle Erlo and KSB directly out of vengeance or having a grudge or even bitterness in my heart. Others, who are empathetic to what I am writing, feel that I am using the wrong forum (Internet) to air my views on KSB matters. I have been advised by some who means it well, to stop writing altogether or to close down the “My Book” tab on the blog at least. Others want to include me with groups who wrote against KSB in the past. Yet, others encourage me and find what I am writing, supportive of their own concerns about KSB.

From my side I would like to ensure my readers that I am in no way retributive in what and how I am writing. I believe that through the years I have been with KSB I have picked up certain things, spiritual and secular, that are not to the glory of God. I have been part of this “spiritual” system. I have preached and justified it all over the world, never in secrecy but always in the pulpits of the churches in the broad understanding of the world. I have been zealous in proclaiming it as the “Way of the Revival” and to enforce it in specific circumstances because I believed it with all my heart to be the truth. This “Way of the Revival” failed me and I believe it is failing the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ because of the attitude and conduct of some within the fold of KSB. I believe with all my heart now that a spiritual deception has found a foothold at our beloved KSB.

To the multitudes over 30 years, I proclaimed the revival as the true way. I have always uplifted and honored my leaders openly and proclaimed them to be especially blessed because of the Revival. Why shall I then now try to correct the wrongs in secret? When we preach the Word in public, when we teach from Scripture in public, when we proclaim revival in public, when we testify about our doctrine in public, when we establish churches based on our doctrine in public, we should surely be prepared to defend our attitude and conduct in public as well. If we sin publicly we should confess publicly and make restitution publicly. Then we are in the light. We should simply live according to what we preach.

So, certain things have disillusioned me and I write about it. In no ways do I feel myself superior to any one else at KSB; on the contrary, I might be the greater sinner of all because I should have known better when confronted with the things I am writing about. I find no joy in what I am writing; a great sadness and sorrow envelops me when I write about the wrongs in the church of Jesus Christ. I pray for grace and mercy for myself every day. I write for myself, no one else whether a person or group.

Remember, if you forget what I said, and me also, you have lost nothing,

But, if you forget Jesus and what He said, you have lost everything!

This blog is my story only.

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  1. Peet, ons dra jou en Andra gereeld op. Jy is op die regte pad om die “evil deeds of darkness te expose.” Moenie twyfel nie. Jesus se stem was vel teen die Fariseër en valsheid, Paulus teen deaalleer. Jy is ‘n stem vir vele deur baie dekades, maar jou doel om Christus die troon te gee wat Hom toekom.


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