Chapter 3 added!

I have added Chapter 3 under the tab “My Book”.

I have tried to explain a huge spiritual problem that had developed over time at Mission Kwasizabantu. Many will not agree with me. However, after so many years at the Mission, preaching and living at so many diverse places, I can see it and feel it for what it is. I am part of this community, have been for the best part of 32 years. I also have kept its way of life in place through teaching, preaching and enforcing its legalism and “doing religion”.

I am reminded of apartheid and how it had been kept in place for so long. And I was part of it. Then in 1993 (?) one of my professors at the University of Stellenbosch, prof Willie Jonker, took the bold step to apologize on behalf of the church for her part in this evil system. Many ridiculed him and many hailed him a hero. However, he did what he did because he believed God brought him to that point in his life where enough was enough! It set me free!

I am no hero. But, by the same analogy I am sorry I fed this parasite that attached itself to the doctrines at KSB. I have hurt many and I am truly sorry. For me, enough is enough too! It is not easy for me to speak in this manner, however healing comes when the diagnosis find the cause of the ailment. It needs to be treated though! This will be tough.

May God be with you all!

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