It is 31 December 2018!

I look back on 32 years of missionary work. I have come to the point in my life where “formal” missionary work has come to an end. Andra, my dearest wife, and I have been with one missionary organization, Mission Kwasizabantu, full-time for 24 years. It has been the highlight of my years of being a missionary and yet, it has become the moment of the most intense pain and disappointment here at the end of 2018 of my missionary career as well!

Mission Kwasizabantu stands like a Lighthouse on the spiritual coast of preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Southern Africa. Actually not only on the continent of Africa but through the years since 1966 it has beamed the Gospel’s light over all the continents of the modern world. How marvelous that Andra and I could be part of this far-reaching and ever penetrating effort for the past 32 years.

Lighthouse: Umhlanga, South Africa

Now, in my 67th year, the time has come to reflect on what has been done over this period of time on the missionary field. I feel that my reflection should be honest and to the benefit of those who come after me. Like the assuring presence of the lighthouse above, any reflection should give the assurance of steadfast everlasting truths to show the way of salvation in Jesus Christ our Lord. However, just as the light from the lighthouse reveal the ominous presence of the coastal dangers to the ship’s captain, so should the reflection lay bare the dangers and ominous presence of spiritual shortfalls and sin in the missionary work.

Many young missionaries will receive a calling to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ into this world. There are many pitfalls. If they would read this by any chance in future, it is my prayer that this site will help them not only to prepare a bit better for what is to come in their lives, but to develop also some wisdom and discernment with regard to the many temptations, pitfalls and hassles that could be very detrimental to their own effort in the global vineyard of Christ Jesus.

So, the above then might suffice as my statement of intention. I will write what I have experienced , perhaps more precisely, what my wife Andra and I have experienced, done and said as missionaries of Jesus Christ, being part of the Mission Kwasizabantu effort to proclaim Christ Jesus as the only way, truth and life in a most wicked world.

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