In Review!

I believe there comes a time when one has to look back at what one had been busy with and review the current position in relation with the case at hand and the point of origin of the said case in hand. That is what I am doing now. I have been busy since late 2016 with matters pertaining to Mission Kwasizabantu (KSB). I have come a long way and much water has gone under the bridge over the past 4 years or so. One cannot continue indefinitely as this involvement compromises all aspects of one’s life, spiritually, emotionally, psychologically, financially and physically. I believe that I have taken the matters concerning KSB as far as I possibly can. KSB had been like an Albatross around my neck and I believe the time has come for me to cut it loose.

The depravity of all people, especially us co-workers, involved in Mission Kwasizabantu was nearly faith-shattering to me. I have cried to God for forgiveness for myself, for my own depravity and self-centeredness in all things pertaining KSB. I had been part of KSB since 1994 and as co-worker since 1996. I have lived, preached, taught and sustained a non-biblical faith-system especially at KSB, Claridge and Tulsa (USA). I should have known better and should have spoken out earlier in my walk before the Lord with KSB. I have hurt many people and lost dear family and friends in the process; the most pertinent perhaps the brethren at Tulsa which I dearly loved. I ask and have asked forgiveness however, the pain, self-judgement and sorrow are something one will carry to the grave.

In the process of speaking out against the falseness at KSB, many wrongs, atrocities, evils and sins had been exposed and revealed. These fall into two categories. First the wrongs that had been identified and can be proven. These are mostly concerned with stealing of money, lies told, structural positioning to benefit individuals, money laundering, human rights abuses and mismanagement. These are all so-called willful, intentional and deliberate pragmatic abuses of system and humanity. Inclusive in this category are also evil actions that has yet to be proven which, inter alia includes sexual harassment, sexual abuse of minors and outright rape of individuals. There are a multitude of identified cases. The most devastating discovery is the fact that most of the top leadership are involved in these identified cases and that it is alleged that rape of at least one individual had been “arranged” as punishment. Many of these incidents have been reported to the South African Police. However, whilst many appointments with the SAP, HAWKS, SARS, SAHRC and NPA took place in KZN, the native province of KSB, we have found it extremely difficult to open cases. KSB is well-known in KZN, has stable and longstanding relationships with the Zulu King, IFP, ANC and Dube Clan, has members within the SAP, HAWKS and SAP who frequent KSB, and overall the KZN governmental structures regards KSB well.

The second category concerns wrongs which have been identified but lacks sufficient verifiable evidence or whilst verified evidence has been obtained, because of the sensitivity of the information if revealed, such will impact family, individuals and God’s work to such extent that lasting damage will be done to the innocent souls connected to the perpetrators. Unfortunately, this information implicates most of the founder leaders of KSB. Much of this information had been known for many years even dating back to the origins of KSB and nonetheless kept secret. This information, if now revealed, would comprise a most heartless, merciless and vengeful action on my behalf. So, as of now I can just turn away in utter disgust and leave it at the feet of God Almighty to handle in His own good time.

The power of the KSB cult is phenomenal. The blind faith in the leaders of KSB is destructive to many adherents. The absolute mind control, social isolation, religious programming, idolization of leaders, economic, sexual, and other exploitations of KSB members so prevalent at KSB and yet, not seen or understood by current residing members, is mind-boggling to say the least. Whilst so many members left, so many congregations broke away and so many revelations of wrongs have been made, the remnant has blindly held onto the leadership and revival beliefs of the cult and have shunned anyone that dare to confront the status quo. Everything revealed, even with indisputable proof provided, is simply rejected as lies. Marriages, families, friendships and communal ties have been broken in the most bizarre fashion.

At KSB, just about every true biblical doctrine had been violated. It is most telling that even the illustrious beliefs concerning the 1966 Maphumulo Revival had been violated in totality. Coupled with a lack of basic foundational knowledge about the theology which the Bible teaches and adhering rather to a theology spawned by the Maphumulo revival, KSB has developed into a cult over time, deceiving so many into a religious system foundationally alien to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The lack of true spiritual leadership with most of the co-workers, leaders and preachers who left KSB over the past two years is very distressing. Whilst speaking out against the category one (see above) wrongs no spiritual discernment concerning doctrine has openly come forth from them; they are still all children of the 1966 Maphumulo revival branding all revelations contrary to what they believed as lies. Although they have left the cult, the cult has not left them. This is a most frightening reality. The lack of acknowledgement and confession of their wrongs, the lack of spiritual repentance and restitution will haunt them for all time living on this earth.

The unwillingness to speak out against and about wrongs by victims is detrimental to bringing about change at KSB. Here I am very careful and understanding towards victims. However, the revealing of truth and facing one’s demons are so necessary to prevent others from experiencing the same violations. This was one of the most hindering aspects of the whole effort to hold KSB leadership accountable for their deeds. Sources of information will not come forward and openly declare their information. They will only speak if they remain anonymous or even if their information is not published at all. Victims will not lay charges for sexual abuses of whatever kind being fearful of KSB backlash, anxious of being stigmatized or shamed, afraid of being ridiculed or rejected, and afraid to face their tomorrows. There is a real fear of compromising their current lives that has been wrought with many tears and much suffering. I understand and pray that the Almighty God in His grace and mercy will see justice being done to all of them.

The current Mission Kwasizabantu leadership may feel victorious in the fact that no major cases have been registered with the authorities against them. They may even go so far, as they have done, to proclaim innocence because no cases have ended up in court. But the Bible teaches that it is awful to fall into the hands of the righteous God. Even when in this life justice is withheld from the innocent, God will require the blood of the innocent from the hands of the unrighteous leadership of KSB. There is a shared voice of the faithful who have suffered at the hands of the leadership of KSB crying out to God, and His ear is not deaf and His arm not to short to come to their aid.

Everything I have written to date has been handed to the various authorities. I will therefore archive my Essays, Topics and My Book on my blog. Anyone who would want the documents may email me and may have it. I have done my bit, as the Lord called me to do, as much as I could. I believe the Lord in His grace and mercy will call to justice the KSB leadership in His own time and in His own way hold them accountable for their evil deeds.

Do remember this though: If you forget me and all I have written you have really lost nothing whatsoever. Nonetheless, if you forget Jesus Christ as revealed in the Scriptures, and remember Him not, you have lost everything!


There is a new tab on the blog, “Credo”.

If everyone believes in God, the obvious question then follows, “What do we believe about God?” To answer the question is to confess, declare, state or proclaim our creed. A creed is a statement that describes our beliefs. The English word creed is an English equivalent to the Latin word credo, which means, “I believe.” It goes back to the 12th century, where it occurred as a compound word kerd-dhe, meaning basically “to put one’s heart.” This has relevance to the essence of a creed in that it focuses on what we believe, from our hearts and also confess with our mouths.

I have been rather vocal and critical on this blog concerning what people believed and did not believe, and I duly include myself in this criticism. At Mission Kwasizabantu there were creeds in place that we earnestly query as to their biblical roots and therefore validity as Protestant creeds satisfying the Apostles’ Creed and five solas at the very least as an expression of the reformed theology we profess to adhere to. I think it is clear that we all fell short in the process to uphold biblical doctrine. Whether formal or informal, written or verbal, in one-way or another we all have a creed that embraces our beliefs.

By God’s design, the entire human race is creedal; we are all inclined to “believe”. So the real question is not whether we have creeds, rather the questions are, “What do we believe in our creeds?” “What is the content of our creeds and how do our creeds relate to biblical revelation?” “What are the authority, usefulness, foundation and purpose of our creeds?” “How authentic are our creeds when evaluated against the biblical cannon.”

Under this tag “Credo”, I speak for what I believe. You might agree or you may differ from what I believe. I will speak about my trust in the Triune God, on what I know about Him from His Word and what I believe to be necessary to love Him with all my heart, all my soul and my entire mind. My theology, and by that I mean my understanding of Scripture, must be driven by the Scriptures, and I want to submit my theology constantly to the Scriptures for revision and correction as I have been doing these past two years.

I pray you do the same as an individual, or congregation or group of churches. Because, your spiritual integrity will stand or fall in what you believe.

Bakwethu abakhuluma isiZulu

Okubhalwe kwi-blog yami bekungafundeki kwabanye kwabafowethu nobodadewethu abakhuluma isiZulu, ngoba libhalwe ngesiNgisi kuphela. Lokho sekuzoshintsha njengoba ngizoqala ukuzama ukuthi imbhalo yami ihunyushelwe ngesiZulu. Kuzothatha isikhathi ngoba mina angisikhulumi isiZulu. Abanye abangani bazinikele ukungisiza ngokuhumusha imbhalo yami. Ngibonga kakhulu usizo lwabo.

Uma ungachofoza igama elibhalwe ‘isiZulu’ uzothola imbhalo ehunyushelwe ngesiZulu.

isiZulu Speaking brethren.

The contents of my blog was unavailable to many of my isiZulu-speaking brothers and sisters in the Lord, because it is only in English. That is about to change as I will embark on a effort to have my Essays and other material translated into isiZulu. It will take time because personally I do not speak isiZulu well at all. Some friends have volunteered to help me. I am extremely thankful for their help.

Chief suspects in KSB money laundering case identified

(Free English translation of the official article by Maroela Media in Afrikaans. See below).

October 20, 2019 – Eunice Stoltz

The main suspects in the investigation into alleged money laundering at the KwaSizabantu Mission Organization (KSB) in KwaZulu-Natal have been identified.

Vaughan Schwartz, who works as chief specialist investigator for serious economic crimes for (private investigator) Mike Bolhuis, confirmed to Maroela Media that they had established the identities of the alleged offenders and that an in-depth financial forensic investigation against the offenders was completed. Although their identities are being withheld to the public for the benefit of the case, it has been confirmed that the alleged perpetrators are within the top structure of the KSB.

Bolhuis’s investigative team launched an intensified investigation into allegations that some KSB leaders are involved in money laundering of about R136 million in June this year. The mission was notified of the investigation the following month. Since Maroela Media’s previous report ( on the money laundering investigation at KSB, the investigation has developed into a high-profile case and police involvement is pending. The full investigation will be presented to the police at Ministerial level, in order to appoint a task team that will exclusively work on this investigation, Schwartz said.

Arrests may soon follow. According to Schwartz, they are also shocked at immoral and suspicious behaviors that occurred at the Mission. Although they focus mainly on the alleged economic malpractice, he believes the police will investigate other malpractices as well. Erlo Stegen founded the KwaSizabantu Mission at the end of 1966; a South African of German decent, after believing a Christian revival had taken hold among the Zulus. The Mission station has since considered itself a so-called revival movement.

KSB in KwaZulu-Natal is known as a voluntary service provider based on biblical principles and registered as a public benefit organization (PBO). People who come to the Mission can get involved in self-care projects. There are also training facilities such as a school, college of education and a school for adult education. The mission can house more than 7,000 people.

As previously reported, in an attempt to steal millions of Rands, the trustees hid their actions from their auditors; KSB apparently opened a loan account in the name of Thofozi Dube. Lydia Thofozi Dube is a senior trustee of KSB and a great confidant of Stegen. The beneficiary of the loan account was later changed to a person “Moses Ndlela”. However, there is no record of such a person at KSB. The investigation revealed Ndlela’s real name is Canaan Ndlovu. He claims that he acted under the direct command of Dube to defraud Stegen and KSB.

According to Schwartz, it also came to light during the investigation that millions of Rands were paid to KSB in the form of dividends and possible loans from a well-known water manufacturer in South Africa. KSB then apparently converted the payments into cash and then handed it over to “Moses Ndlela” at remote delivery points. The cash then disappeared and the only record of it is the unsecured loan that was initially in Dube’s name before it was changed to “Moses Ndlela”. On December 24 last year, the loan amount stood at R136 million. KSB’s legal representatives meanwhile sent Bolhuis and his team a report stating that they had been defamed and given them 36 hours to respond. Schwartz says they ignored the request because they believe they were in no way defamatory to the auditors.

KSB’s auditors have been refusing, since 2016 due to irregularities noticed, to sign off the mission’s annual financial statements, saying there was no other way out than to report KSB’s behavior to their governing body. Mustard & Knoesen Chartered Accountant and Registered Auditors denied rumors that KSB fired them as auditors of KSB. A director, Darryl Knoesen, told Maroela Media that they were not fired, but decided to withdraw themselves from KSB.

Maroela Media addressed several questions to KSB and received a written response after numerous calls and emails. In it, KSB acknowledges receipt of the query, but they do not respond to any of the questions. However, they wrote that KSB does not want to participate in a hearing through public media. With reference to the previous findings made by Bolhuis and his team, KSB believes that contradictory, false and harmful allegations have been made concerning individuals and private entities. They also expressed their surprise at these serious allegations.

Bolhuis called on the public to disclose to them any information that could contribute to the investigation so that the overall scope of the events could be made public and investigated. Anyone with information to assist with the investigation is asked to call the head of the private investigative team, Vaughan Schwartz, on +27 079 347 5691.

Maroela Media

20 Oktober 2019

Eunice Stoltz

Hoofverdagtes in KSB geldwassery-saak geïdentiseer

Die hoofverdagtes in die ondersoek na beweerde geldwassery by die KwaSizabantu-sendingorganisasie (KSB) in KwaZulu-Natal is geïdentifiseer.

Vaughan Schwartz, wat as hoofspesialisondersoeker rakende ernstige ekonomiese misdade vir Mike Bolhuis werk, het aan Maroela Media bevestig dat hulle die identiteite van die beweerde oortreders vasgestel het en dat ʼn indiepte finansiële forensiese ondersoek teen die oortreders voltooi is. Hoewel hulle identiteite tot voordeel van die saak aan die publiek weerhou word, is dit wel bevestig dat die beweerde oortreders binne die KSB se topstruktuur is.

ʼn Ondersoek na bewerings dat sommige leiers van KSB by geldwassery van ongeveer R136 miljoen betrokke is, is in Junie vanjaar deur Bolhuis se ondersoekspan van stapel gestuur. Die sendingstasie is die daaropvolgende maand van die ondersoek in kennis gestel.

Sedert Maroela Media se vorige berig ( ) oor die ondersoek na geldwassery by KSB het die ondersoek in ʼn hoëprofielsaak ontwikkel en is die betrokkenheid van die polisie hangend. Die volledige ondersoek gaan op ministeriële vlak aan die polisie voorgelê word om sodoende ʼn taakspan aan te stel wat uitsluitlik op dié ondersoek werksaam gaan wees, aldus Schwartz.

Inhegtenisneming sal moontlik kort daarna kan volg. Volgens Schwartz is hulle ook geskok oor immorele en bedenklike gedrag wat by die sending plaasvind. Hoewel hulle hoofsaaklik op die beweerde ekonomiese wanpraktyke fokus glo hy dat die polisie ander wanpraktyke sal ondersoek.

Die KwaSizabantu-sending is aan die einde van 1966 deur Erlo Stegen, ʼn Suid-Afrikaner van Duitse afkoms, gestig nadat hy geglo het ʼn Christelike herlewing het onder die Zoeloes posgevat. Die sendingstasie beskou homself sedertdien as ʼn sogenaamde herlewingsbeweging.

KSB in KwaZulu-Natal staan bekend as ʼn vrywillige diensverskaffer wat op Bybelse beginsels gegrond is en as ʼn openbare voordeelorganisasie (PBO) geregistreer is. Mense wat na die sendingstasie kom, kan by selfsorgprojekte betrokke raak. Daar is ook opleidingsfasiliteite soos ʼn skool, onderwyskollege en ʼn skool vir volwasse opleiding. Die sendingstasie kan meer as 7 000 mense huisves.

Soos vroeër berig het KSB glo in ʼn poging om diefstal van miljoene rande van hul ouditeure te versteek ʼn leningsrekening geopen in die naam van Thofozi Dube. Lydia Thofozi Dube is ʼn senior trustee van KSB en ʼn groot vertroueling van Stegen.

Die begunstigde van die leningsrekening is later na ʼn ene “Moses Ndlela” verander. Daar is egter geen rekord van só ʼn persoon by KSB nie. Die ondersoek het gewys Ndlela se regte naam is Canaan Ndlovu. Hý voer aan hy het onder direkte opdrag van Dube opgetree om Stegen en KSB te bedrieg.

Volgens Schwartz het dit ook tydens die ondersoek aan die lig gekom dat miljoene rande in die vorm van dividende en moontlike lenings van ʼn bekende watervervaardiger in Suid-Afrika aan KSB oorbetaal is. KSB het daarna glo die inbetalings na kontant omgeskakel en dit dan aan “Moses Ndlela” by afgeleë afleweringspunte oorhandig.

Die kontant verdwyn dan en die enigste rekord daarvan is die ongesekureerde lening wat aanvanklik in Dube se naam was voordat dit na “Moses Ndlela” verander is. Op 24 Desember verlede jaar het die leningsbedrag op R136 miljoen gestaan.

KSB se regsverteenwoordigers het intussen aan Bolhuis en sy span ʼn verslag gerig waarin hulle aanvoer dat daar lasterlik teen hulle opgetree is en hulle 36 uur gegee om daarop te reageer. Schwartz sê hulle het die versoek ignoreer omdat hulle glo hulle het in geen wyse lasterlik opgetree nie.

KSB se ouditeure weier glo sedert 2016 weens onreëlmatighede om die sendingstasie se jaarlikse finansiële state af te teken en sê daar was dus geen ander uitweg as om KSB se gedrag by hulle beheerliggaam te rapporteer nie. Gerugte dat KSB sy ouditeure afgedank het, is deur Mustard & Knoesen Geoktrooieerde Rekenmeester en Geregistreerde Ouditeure ontken. ʼn Direkteur, Darryl Knoesen, het aan Maroela Media gesê hulle is nie afgedank nie maar het self besluit om hulself aan KSB te onttrek.

Maroela Media het verskeie vrae aan KSB gerig en het ná talle oproepe en e-posse ʼn skriftelike antwoord ontvang. Daarin erken KSB die ontvangs van die navraag, maar hulle reageer nie op enige van die vrae nie. Hulle skryf wel dat KSB nie aan ʼn verhoor deur middel van openbare media wil deelneem nie.

Met verwysing na die vorige bevindings wat deur Bolhuis en sy span bekend gemaak is, meen KSB dat teenstrydige, valse en skadelike aantygings rakende individue en private entiteite gemaak is. Hulle het ook hul verbasing rakende dié ernstige aantygings uitgespreek.

Bolhuis het ʼn beroep op die publiek gedoen om enige inligting wat tot die ondersoek kan bydra aan hulle bekend te maak sodat die totale omvang van die gebeure openbaar gemaak en ondersoek kan word.

Enigiemand met inligting wat met die ondersoek kan help, word gevra om die hoof van die private ondersoekspan, Vaughan Schwartz, te bel by 079 347 5691.

KSB Answer!

I am thankful to have received an answer today from KSB with regard to the invitation for a meeting with ex-KSB members. However it is not signed so I cannot gather from the e-mail as to who actually wrote it.

But, I think that unfortunately the “Mission” misread the invitation totally. The invitation clearly says that a meeting is asked for on behalf of others and not just myself! Therefore, the fact that I am addressed as if I requested a meeting for myself with the leadership is rather odd.

It is simply not true that meetings were held with me in good faith to reach reconciliation as stated below. Whoever wrote this letter should know that very well. Some co-workers even apologized, to my wife and I for the way we were treated in the meetings. Four times I requested meetings in writing since February 2018 and four times I was not even offered the courtesy of an answer. To be called, to appear before the co-workers in meetings (3 times), and to be verbally attacked, and verbally abused from beginning to end, is far removed from trying to reach reconciliation. Neither does it comprise “meeting in good faith” as stated in the e-mail below.

I would not want to be untruthful or defamatory in what I am writing. That is why I try to obtain proof, get statements from people as well as obtain evidence to support what I am writing on my blog. The first writing on the blog dates back to December 2018. Since then I have written much. Not once since then did the Mission respond to questions asked and evidence provided to them for clarification. Not once did the Mission query anything I wrote or stated about the Mission and members. In fact, not even since December 2017 when I started to ask questions concerning the “moneybags” and the sexual issues did I get a truthful answer from the Mission, but the KSB leadership openly lied to me about these issues and that not once but many times. The “Mission” continuously denied any money being flown from KSB or any of the co-workers being involved. Today it is common cause that it happened and I have proof in abundance.

Neither would I like to write defamatory things about people. Although in the meetings that the “Mission” conducted in “good faith” as stated in the email below both my wife and I suffered defamatory abuse. The “we” of the email below should know that as well. And please, if the “Mission’s” memory fails you to remember, I have recordings of two of the three meetings to prove the point. Nevertheless, should you highlight anything defamatory in what I have written, and I don’t have support for what I have stated, I will apologize and will remove it from the blog. I ask the Mission, the “we” in the e-mail below, to bring any defamatory remarks to be found on my blog to my attention without delay.

I am thankful that, at least, the Mission reads and takes note of my blog. It is a pity though that we can’t have this meeting. It was to be an open meeting. The people would have flooded the venue to talk to the “Mission”.

Here is the e-mail I received today, Friday 11 October 2019:

Peet Botha

We received your invitation to meet.

We remind you that many meetings have been held with you in the past. We participated in the meetings in good faith to try and address the issues and tried to reach reconciliation where there were concerns.

When you decided to leave the mission we believed that we were parting company in peace.

We were disappointed when we discovered that you have since vilified us in your blog, this after we believed that you had also participated in our meetings in good faith.

We are now even more surprised by your invitation to meet because it clearly would have been more appropriate for you to have invited us to a meeting before you made your blog public. We accordingly don’t believe that the meeting that you propose is intended to seek reconciliation.

Unfortunately we must therefore insist that until you remove the untruthful and defamatory statements regarding the mission and its members, and publish an apology on your blog, we do not see any sense in meeting with you.

KwaSizabantu Mission

Private Bag 252



Tel:  +27 32 481 5500

Fax: +27 32 481 5510

Matthew 18

I have started a new section, “Topics”.

Under this title I would like to share concerning specific topics related to our Christian walk in this life. Yet, I will also look at more specific topics concerning Mission Kwasizabantu. In this first article I am writing on the question regarding Matthew 18:15-19 which has to do with sinning in the church and the process of handling the conflict sin brings between brothers in the church. However, Mission Kwasizabantu claims the process of Matthew 18 for the current devastating conflict within the Mission as well. However, they do not qualify in terms of Scripture to do so. In this article I look at the whole situation and why the Mission, as a church institution, does not qualify to use or does not satisfy the requirements of Matthew 18:15-19 to use in their situation to resolve the conflict at the Mission. God’s Word prescribes a different set of principles to be used.

Broken for us!

I was in church this morning.

As you may appreciate “church” is not something that comes easy or without deep reflection to an ex-KSB member. Andra and I attend a Reformed Baptist Church now since moving away from KSB and have found a spiritual home. Here we found Christ anew.

The last two weeks have not been easy. Since I began writing Essay 15 and the subsequent interactions with people as well as with specific girls and young women sharing their heartbreaking experiences with me, the burden was a bit much to carry when I walked into church this morning. My friend and pastor, Willem was preaching. It was also communion and the table was set before us. My eyes were riveted to the bread and wine on the table. He preached from 1 Peter 3:14-18, and dwelt somewhat on the concept of “hope”. We are not hopeless! We are not without hope! For “Hope” is alive!

During the service I remembered especially two girls for whom I am praying unceasingly (also nine others) and who have been raped at KSB. They are broken beyond what you and I can imagine. They are like the fragile loaf of bread wrapped in the cotton cloth on the communion table. They feel and say, “I am hopeless and without hope”. They say, “ I am dead inside!” And again they ask, “Where was God when I was being raped?” And they say, “I can’t believe in God anymore”. They are totally broken in body, spirit and soul. They have tried to commit suicide multiple times. I can’t even imagine their pain and hopelessness. I don’t know what they are going through but the destruction I see and experience in them broke my heart. How can one human do this to another?

When one talks with them one understands that “hope” has departed from them or at least they have lost “hope” altogether. I sat in the church and cried. I don’t have an easy answer for them! I said to them, “It is OK, I will stand in the spiritual gap for you. You just rest and get better, I will petition God every single day for you that He, God the Father, God the Son and God the Spirit, will heal you and give you hope again”. Every day I pray for them by name. I am not hopeless; I surely do not have the answers but I know the Hope, the Son of God. “How long oh God before your righteousness will prevail for the broken ones?”

When Willem took the bread from the safety of the cloth in His hands, and broke it, I broke down. It was too much for me to take in at that moment. The brokenness of the girls came vividly before me and I just cried out to God, “I don’t have the strength to carry those who are so broken and don’t even have you anymore”. But sure enough the answer came, “I have been broken for you too, and for them! Their broken bodies, spirits and souls will find healing in my broken body and spilt blood. I will not let them fall from my heart!” I understood that indeed I will be able carry them, with Him, to find “hope” again. Sometime in future, “hope” will return to them.

There was something utterly healing I experienced when I broke of the piece of bread and ate it.  Jesus said, “This is my body broken for you, eat and remember me”. The tears were running down my cheeks for in that instance I knew that Jesus would not let go of (my) girls! Not even the destruction that rape has worked in them will prevail against the gentle healing His broken body will work for them. He will heal them in body, spirit and soul. He is Hope Everlasting. I will trust Him for that infinite healing only God can work.

I simply rest you all in His pierced hands to find healing, in time, in His broken body. He was nailed to the cross, His body was broken beyond recognition and His blood flowed for you girls broken now so that you may find ”hope” in Him.

 God be with you all who suffered this evil!

Open Letter 4

To: The current leadership of Mission Kwasizabantu – Erlo Stegen, Thofozi Dube, Ruth Combrinck, Detlef Stegen, Tobie Vermaak, Dietmar Joosten, Michael Ngubane, and others.

From: Peet Botha – and on behalf of others currently departed from Mission Kwasizabantu.

Several people have contacted me and asked to approach the leadership of Mission Kwasizabantu openly, “one last time” as they put it. So I am prayerfully reaching out via this open letter to the Mission’s leadership as well as ex-members of Mission Kwasizabantu. This letter has been e-mailed to the leadership at KSB and some ex-members of KSB as well.

Within the hearts of people there lives a hope that we will be able to find a solution to the division at Mission Kwasizabantu, if we can sit and talk openly with one another. It is clear from what has been said in the news media, that we are finding ourselves at a turning point for the worse scenario and unless a major effort is made, no turning around will be possible.

I suggest that we approach this matter with the urgency it deserves. This is my proposal below:

  1. An open meeting is arranged for Saturday 2 November and Sunday 3 November 2019 at a neutral venue to be decided;
  2. The agenda for the meeting is simply open;
  3. That two people from the Mission’s leadership and two people from the ex-member group are tasked to arrange the meeting;
  4. That a neutral chairman and vice-chairman be tasked to assist us all to speak openly, unrestricted and free of any intimidation;
  5. That ample notice is given to all to attend if they wish to do so;
  6. Everyone will be given an opportunity to speak who desires to speak as is possible within the time limit;

I appeal to the leadership of Mission Kwasizabantu not to trivialize this request and to agree with this request promptly so that such a meeting may be arranged.

Yours in Christ

Peet Botha
Dr Peet H Botha


I received what I believe is a prophecy concerning Mission Kwasizabantu. I do not know who send it. It is not important for me to know who sent it at all. You may find it under the tab “Prophecy”.

I have read it prayerfully and it touched me deeply. There is a message that rings true to what is being said in the prophecy and I place it on the blog for all to read and pray about it. Because, if this prophecy is of God, then He has heard our cries and He will see justice being done for His Name’s sake. I will not want to stand in His way.

I have read it once and then again. I will read it still many times in the days ahead and make it my own. But, if God has spoken, I accept in faith that he will make His actions known according to the prophecy for all to see. When God steps in to protect His Name in this world then woe to the one who is on the receiving end of God’s wrath.

May He receive all the glory in everything and every time!

He alone is God!

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